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Souza Lima

Audições em São Paulo

Vinicius Sa
Vinícius Cavalieri de Sá Coutinho, born in São Paulo on March 8, 1992, is
a Brazilian guitarist and composer who is majoring in Film Scoring.
Vinicius works as the Online International Ambassador for Portuguese
language since January, 2014.
Quando me inscrevi e prestei para a Berklee, fiz a minha audição em Novembro de 2012.
Geralmente, as audições da Berklee no Brasil aconteciam todo ano neste mesmo mês, em São
Paulo, no conservatório Souza Lima. E agora também audicionam futuros estudantes no Rio De

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Berklee in São Paulo – Olá from our first On the Road in Brazil!

Post authored by Amanda Gouldthorpe, assistant director for Office of International Programs

“Bom dia” from the warm and welcoming campus of our BIN partner the Conservatório Musical Souza Lima in São Paulo, Brazil, hosts of the first-ever Berklee on the Road in Brazil! The Berklee in São Paulo: Art of Improvisation – Blues and Jazz program kicked off yesterday, with 70 students attending seminars and master classes in this four-day program.

Featuring Berklee faculty Fernando Huergo, George Russell, Jr. and Casey Scheuerell, and Souza Lima faculty Lupa Santiago (also Souza Lima’s vice director, and a Berklee alum) and Guilherme Ribeiro, the program gives students a taste of the Berklee and Souza Lima experience. The Office of International Programs‘ “On the Road” program model is designed to promote educational exchange and provide students with an insight into what our institution is all about, in addition to giving them the opportunity to learn from our first-class faculty and to make new musical connections.

We are very pleased to have Berklee’s vice president of Global Initiatives/executive director of Berklee Valencia, Guillermo Cisneros, here with us to kick off the program. And as I’ve already mentioned, we’ve received the most wonderful welcome from the team here at Souza Lima. Director Antonio Mário da Silva Cunha, with the support of Cristiane Cunha and the fantastic staff here, have gone above and beyond not only to make the program run without a hitch, but to make us feel at ease – which isn’t hard, in such an open environment full of music and energy at every turn.

The program will be followed by two days of Berklee Auditions & Interviews here at Souza Lima, with additional A&I happening in Rio de Janeiro at the end of the month ( Check out photos from the Berklee on the Road event here:

A View from the Summit

By Jason Camelio, Director of International Programs

There are many sites to see in Valencia. Depending on where you stand your perspective can be dramatically altered. From the bridges spanning the Palau de les Arts, you see the expanse of truly vivid imaginations. It is compositional in nature. Fluid. Impressive and yet subtle with a filigree of detail juxtaposed with complex imagery. This imagery can also describe the incredible group of creative and inspired minds holding court at the 2012 Berklee International Network Summit.

2012 Summit Guests

2012 Berklee International Summit Guests - 60 Attendees from, 24 institutions and organizations in 20 countries.

As I looked across Sala A, I saw individuals with a deep passion for the craft and art of music and music education. They are an inspirational organization that is reflective of what my teachers and mentors at Berklee have shared with me of Lawrence Berk and those keeping to his ideals.

At the Summit, we set out to meet three goals.  Our partners had the opportunity to be introduced to the new vice president of global initiatives Guillermo Cisneros. This is the first Summit Guillermo has presided over. Equally important, we introduced our partners to the new campus at the Palau. Finally, by incorporating a number of new institutions and organizations with whom Berklee has been working over the past few years at the Summit, we worked to expand the potential of this truly dynamic global organization.

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And Mozart Went to…11!

By: Jason Camelio, Director of International Programs

Mozart would have been impressed by the rendition of Eine kleine Nachtmusik blazing through the row of Fender amplifiers lined across the stage at the Lawrence and Alma Berk Recital Hall this afternoon. Eight exceptional Brazilian guitarist picking, hammering-on, pulling-off, swelling with their volume knobs whilst the conductor who could have passed for a rhythm guitarist for Crimson Glory waived in arms to keep time and cue the various passages screaming forth.

SL Gtr Orchestra

Ciro Visconti leads the Conservatorio Souza LIma Guitar Orchestra at Berklee.

The eight musicians are students from our Berklee International Network (BIN) partner Conservatorio Souza Lima in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The gentlemen getting the workout at the podium is Berklee alum and Souza Lima faculty member Ciro Visconti. The group is the Souza Lima Guitar Orchestra and they have been visiting Berklee this week as part of a student exchange program managed by the Office of International Programs. The Orchestra joins a group from Music Academy International (MAI), another BIN partner from Nancy, France. Six students from MAI are also visiting the colleague as part of an exchange.  They are led by Berklee alum and head sound engineer at Euro Disney Marc Sublet.

As part of the visit this year, we worked with Tim-Paul Weiner in the Concert Office to set up a performance opportunity for the Guitar Orchestra. The Orchestra uses the string orchestra model as a basis for rendering orchestral repertoire with electric guitars…through stomp boxes, through tube amplifiers. Loudly, but with finesse. This afternoon, we were treated to a concert dedicated to a reigning champ in the world of the string orchestra — Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The orchestra presented the Divertimento’s in D Major, Bb Major and F Major and closed out the set with Serenade No. 13 in G Major — A Little Night Music. The crush-endos of eight guitars through amps is definitely something you should and will feel if you have the opportunity to hear a group like this perform. The exceptionally challenging music was performed mostly from memory by excellent guitarist that have had to adapt their technique and even their instruments they use to perform the pieces.

Huge thanks to Ciro and the students for their fine performance and to Mario and Cris Cunha at Souza Lima for sponsoring their groups trip to Boston for a memorable event.

2012 CLAEM – Closing Celebration

By: Jason Camelio, Director of International Programs

The 3rd edition of the Congreso Latino de Escuelas de Música has closed with a truly special event. 2012 marks the 30th anniversary of Conservatorio Souza Lima. Founder/director Antonio Mario Cunha capped the Congress week with an excellent celebration honoring Souza lima at the Sao Paulo municipal building, attended by hundreds of guests and officiated by Councilman Jose Police Neto.  Read more…

Souza Lima holds a special relationship with Berklee through our International Network. During this 12-year relationship, Berklee has been fortunate to have a number of highly trained musicians come to Boston through our academic agreement and musical exchanges. Many of these musicians have returned to Sao Paulo and Brazil as well as traveled to other parts of the globe to lead successful careers as professional artists and educators with international reputations.

2012 Souza Lima 30th Anniversary

Vice president for global initiatives honors Mario and Souza Lima in Sao Paulo.

Like Berklee, Souza Lima’s success is the result of one man’s vision with the help and support of an exceptionally hardworking team of collaborators, staff members and educators, and most importantly — the passion and dedication of its students. It is Antonio Mario’s entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to excellence in contemporary music education that attracted Berklee to forge this relationship. Mario’s vision and commitment have led Souza Lima to 30-years of success and places among the leading institute of contemporary music education in Latin America and the world.

Mario is never one to rest on his success. Instead he has the vision to see the profound potential of contemporary music education throughout Latin America. With the help of world-renown artist and Berklee professor Oscar Stagnaro, he has invited us all here to participate in an excellent new organization – CLAEM.

Berklee is honored to be associated with Souza Lima and all of the members of CLAEM. We wish Mario and all at Souza Lima a happy birthday and much prosperity for the next 30-years.

2012 Souza Lima 30th Anniversary Celebration

2012 Souza Lima 30th Anniversary Celebration

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