Sasha Brown ’05 and J.J. Byars ’06 are both currently on tour with Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds, a nine piece soul/rock powerhouse. The band is currently touring all over the country in promotion of their debut album and is building a rapidly growing fan base with their high energy live shows. Brown and Byars took a moment while on the road back to Brooklyn from Tennessee to answer some questions about life after Berklee and the realities of being a touring musician. Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds will take to the stage at 9pm on Saturday, May 21st at Cafe 939 in Boston.

Sasha Brown received the Berklee Guitar Department’s top honor, the Jimi Hendrix Award, as a freshman, and studied with Jon Damian, Mick Goodrick and Wayne Krantz while at Berklee. In addition to his work with the Dirty Birds, he is a member of the Andrew D’Angelo Big Band and Heather Christian and the Arbornauts; both bands recently recorded debut albums which are slated for release in the fall.

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