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Shai Littlejohn

Future of Music Series: The Shrinking Pie

No one knows for certain how artists will survive the relentless climate of the digital age. Many areas where the rivers of nickels once flowed are now streams of fractions of pennies.  People are simply accustomed to free music now- legal or otherwise.  Unfortunately, free music does not pay for instrument repair, mortgage, rent, production costs, or health insurance. This laundry list may not impact life as a student, but within days of graduation the realities of life dictate that students find a way to earn a living too.

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Future of Music Series: Shai Littlejohn

With a background as an attorney working in the music industry, it’s no surprise that Berklee student Shai Littlejohn quickly found herself working at the intersection of law, policy and music as an intern for the Future of Music Coalition. Based in Washington DC, the national nonprofit advocates for the fair compensation of artists, open access to audiences and also leads discussion and lobbying efforts for musicians working in the digital age.

As part of her internship, Shai is charged with helping coordinate and plan this year’s Future of Music Policy Summit, an important gathering of musicians, arts advocates, policymakers, technologists, media representatives and industry figures to discuss how policy, law and technology are influencing the music industry.

Each Thursday through October 21, Shai will share her experiences as an intern with the FMC and recap some of the important highlights and issues as they emerge during her three days at the summit. Be sure to post your own thoughts on how the music industry is adapting (or not) to new trends and technologies.

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Shai Littlejohn

Shai Littlejohn is an attorney in the music industry, singer-songwriter and Professional Music major at Berklee. She is currently interning with the Future of Music Coaliton, an artist’s rights lobby and advocacy group in Washington DC. Though late November, Shai will work as an integral member of the coalition team in developing, organizing and promoting both the Future of Music Policy Summit as well as the Dear New Orleans Benefit Rock Show.

Follow Shai on Twitter for continuing tips and updates on music law and policy at

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