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Brian Dunne @ Prudential Lunch Series

brian dunne

This past week has been long but awesome. Personally I got tons of things done, booked a few more shows for my band, worked a few extra hours at my jobs, and got to see two great shows as part of my internship. This past week, I started off with Brian Dunne at The Prudential Lunch Series in their wonderfully landscaped courtyard.

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Alicia Lemke at the Kendall Sq Lunch Series

Alicia Lemke sighting number 2! Last Thursday I had a wonderful time in Kendall Square watching Alicia Lemke and her full band perform.

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Rafael Restrepo, Blue Mics – Internships Series (Part 1)

I look back 4 months ago and remember how anxious and excited I was to finish what would be my last semester of classes and start my internship. I didn’t know where I was going to end up or how was I getting there. ¬†All I knew was that I wanted to be interning for a major music entertainment company in Los Angeles, California.

The exciting process began. I attended the internship 101 seminar at the Office of Experiential Learning (OEL) and learned all about what the internship program was about. I learned how to create a resume and cover letters, which by the way are crucial to master in order to achieve results, and how to “sell” myself to the company I wanted.

After that, I was allowed access to the OEL database. The real fun began. I found almost every single company’s contact info you can think of. At first, it was overwhelming to see this huge list, however, the database was really easy to navigate and search. So, I narrowed down my options and created a list of 10 companies I was really interested to work for. I also tailored every single one of my cover letters so that they would fit what the company was looking for. Luckily enough, the 5 companies I really wanted reviewed my application and conducted the interview process. This was exciting news. Even more exciting was finding out that I was offered a position at 4 out of these 5 companies. Now the problem was which one to pick…? With the advice of my internship coordinator, I created a list of pros and cons and came up with the best offer for me: Blue Microphones.

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