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Cinco Son at The Tito Puente Music Series

People were out and about at O’day park last week to see Cinco Son perform as part of the Tito Puente Music Series. Be it on stoops, in the streets, sidewalks, or the park itself, people we’re all over and excited to be there!

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Sharin Toribio at Prudential Lunch Series

It’s concerts like these that make me wish I spoke Spanish. Sharin Toribio performed on a beautiful hot day in July at the Prudential Courtyard Series.

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Way Out West – The Hailey Niswanger Quartet on Tour (#5)

And now … Hawaii

Berklee is a truly entrepreneurial place. A school that started in 1945, in Lawrence Berk’s teaching studio, with a big idea and a lot of heart, has somehow hung onto the notion that if you can extend yourself to bring music to the people, and do some good in the process, they will respond in kind.

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Mario Jose @ Prudential Lunch Series

Today was yet another beautiful day at the prudential with kids running around and lots of smiling faces. I arrived on scene just as the music started and was able to finally hear the voice of a guy who I had seen around campus for the past few years. This week, Mario Jose and his band performed. The feeling of summer instantly washed over the audience.

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Thinkin’ Big @ Kendall Sq. Lunch Series

The other band I had the pleasure to see this week was Thinkin’ Big. This gathering of musicians is a perfectly sized big band, with the subtle bandleader, Jonah Francese playing trumpet.

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