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Berklee City Music Scholarship Concert

It was 3:00 in the afternoon on Tuesday, August 10th, and as I walked in the back of the Berklee Performance Center I could feel the heightened excitement in the room. Berklee City Music 5 week students were rehearsing and sound checking for the big Scholarship Concert that night. Nervous anticipation abounded, and there was great excitement for that evening’s festivities.

Berklee scholarships were to be awarded to the seniors, and no one knew how many or to whom they were going.

I sat down in the audience later, armed with my camera, and wondering how these students were going to perform under the pressure of such a large audience and the looming scholarship announcements. I was amazed at the high level of musicianship and professionalism displayed by these students.

In the end 14 Berklee Scholarships were awarded to 14 remarkable young people. We all look forward to see them grow and realize their full potential.

Videos from Berklee’s events in Nairobi

Actually, these are the first of many videos from the events last week.  On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 82 musicians from several different African countries auditioned at the Brookhouse School in Nairobi, Kenya, for scholarship opportunities to attend Berklee through the Africa Scholars Program. Many others had to be turned away because there just wasn’t enough time.

One day I was doing work in a second floor office in the school.  From my tower (literally, see earlier post), I heard a song break out in the distance, so I went down to check it out.  The singers told me they had just met at the auditions. Many of them heard about the events in the newspaper, from friends, or on Facebook, which is very popular here. Most people access it – and the web in general – on their phones since they don’t always have access to computers.

Here they perform the song “Malaika,” in the zilizopendwa genre, by Kenyan artist Fadhili Williams.  Several of the candidates sang it in their auditions.

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Berklee professors conduct clinics for music educators in Kenya

Music education, not only for students, but also for music educators is key to Berklee’s program in Kenya, with the goal of leaving behind tangible instruction to benefit the local community and Berklee alike.

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Kenyan School or Hogwarts?

Jambo from Kenya! I’m Margot Edwards, Publicist at Berklee. I’ll be writing in from Nairobi about Berklee’s visit this week to the Brookhouse International Schools.  The events include three days of auditions and interviews for the Africa Scholars Program, clinics and workshops for students and music educators. The team – including Contemporary Writing and Production professors Dan Moretti and Ron Reid, Michael Shaver from Admissions, Sam Skau from International Programs, and student Joey Guglielmo – will also be conducting music education outreach at local community centers and schools.  A 4th of July soiree at the U.S. Ambassador’s residence is also on tap for later in the week.

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Video from Istanbul: jam session and more

Berklee student Emir Cerman, percussionist and film scoring major, talks about how Berklee’s audition & interview (A&I) events came to Istanbul.


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