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Nicolás Castañeda: Ganador de la Beca BMI

Nicolas CastanedaMi experiencia al momento de recibir la beca de BMI fue algo completamente inesperado. Ya había perdido un poco las esperanzas en seguir estudiando en Berklee. De pronto aplique a una beca de BMI por medio del maestro Oscar Stagnaro (quien es la persona que me ha ayudado desde que inicie Berklee en Spring 2013) obteniendo buenos resultados. Obtuve una beca de $5000 dólares gracias a mi trabajo musical en la categoría Composición Jazz.

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Maria Wadman: Promoting a Student Culture of Giving

Maria WadmanMaria Wadman ’17 is a sixth semester student studying performance with a minor in Latin Music Studies. Her principal instrument is voice, with her secondary instrument being hand percussion. She’s works in the Berklee Fund office and is the founder of Berklee’s Student Philanthropy Group, a group mostly dedicated to getting students accurate information about how funding and philanthropy works at our school, and demystifying the finances of Berklee.

I have a lot of people ask me why I give to Berklee’s annual fund.

“You’re a student!”

“You pay tuition!”

“You work for the Berklee Fund”

I’ve been working in the Berklee Fund office since my first semester at Berklee. First it was just a job—I was calling alumni and parents, soliciting donations. I’d always done philanthropic work and enjoyed it, but to be honest, it wasn’t what drew me to the Berklee Fund. I just needed a job. But, the more time I spent at work the more involved I got. Inspired by my supervisor, team members, and the idea of giving, I began to do research and really understand what we were doing—we were making Berklee a better place for present and future students. After my first semester I became a supervisor and have never dreamed of another job.

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祝・ご卒業!寺久保エレナさん インタビュー

yoshieYoshie Nakayama, from Tokyo, is a 4th semester Contemporary Writing and Production major, trombone principal student. She also studies jazz vocals, and vocal ensemble. She graduated Kunitachi College of Music in Tokyo with bachelor of music from music education major. She has license of teaching music in japanese Junior high/high schools.


今回は、高校生でCDデビューをし、バークリーの学費も食事付きの寮費も免除されるプレジデンシャルスカラシップを日本人で初めて授与された、サックス奏者 寺久保エレナさんです。

at BLUE NOTE TOKYO in 2013

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Bolsas de estudo

Neste post irei falar sobre as oportunidades de bolsa de estudo e planos de pagamento que um aluno, seja nacional ou internacional, pode adquirir ao longo do curso. Isto é um assunto que pode interessar a muitos, já que o Summer Semester vai começar agora.

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Student Wins First Place in BMI’s John Lennon Scholarship Competition

The following post was written by Lisa Occhino, a sixth semester piano principal from Stamford, Connecticut majoring in music business/management. She is the editor-in-chief of The Berklee Groove as well as the marketing and PR director/founding member of the Berklee A&R/Artist Development Group. Occhino won first place in the BMI Foundation’s 15th annual John Lennon Scholarship competition.

Even before I ever knew I would be going to school here, Berklee had a profound impact on my songwriting. When I began writing my first songs in middle school, I was such a perfectionist about it that I struggled to ever call a song “finished,” and would refuse to show what I had to anyone until I deemed it was truly “finished.” Naturally, no one ever heard my music, and I was stuck with a collection of dozens of unfinished songs that I didn’t know what to do with. After I had decided my freshman year of high school that Berklee was the number one (and only) college for me, I was of course dying to go to the Songwriting Workshop held over the summer.

Lisa Occhino

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