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Sara Rachele

Who Is My Boss? – Sara Rachele, Spring 2011 Intern

Loyalty can be overextended. I feel emotionally involved with the woman I drop my laundry off to, the lady who does my nails, and each work relationship I have. I am learning, that this is a flaw – the most important working relationship I have is with myself. To be able to exist and work in a way which benefits my career is my greatest goal through my internship, and it is a lofty one.

I’ve found it difficult to understand which relationships must be maintained, which should be left on the back burner, and when to call in favors. This kind of understanding is deeply ingrained in my worldview, and it all comes down to business ethics. And ethics and personal career goals should never be in conflict. I am learning to take what I have been given, and to never apologize for my strengths.

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“Why didn’t anyone tell me?!” Things I wish I’d known ~ Sara Rachele, intern

Have you ever tried to put your pants on two legs at a time?

If you answered yes, keep reading. If not, you’re probably okay—but maybe there are some situations where you wish someone had told you before you made a silly mistake and fell on your face?  (Thanks mom.) Well, I’m pretty much an expert in mistake-making, so I thought I’d share some things I noticed, intern-to-intern.

Let’s start with the DO’s ~

Do be on time! It sounds simple, but it can often be more difficult than it seems. Weather, errands, coffee-spillage, or public transportation can be iffy. Make an effort to leave yourself extra time, and you’ll always be prepared and up for anything.

Do be cheerful! It’s an interns responsibility to be upbeat and out of the way, which seems a little tricky.  While a good motto is the “seen and not heard,” slogan,  a few words go a long way. A quick, “This project will help me learn X. Thanks!” is a great way to give simple feedback to your supervisors, and help support the team with a good-dose of positivity.

Do learn! Express interest in areas that suit you. As an intern, your primary objective is to learn, so if you have questions—ask! If you want to know more—ask! Just understand you may have to wait a bit for an answer. Your supervisors are your teachers this semester. They are there to help!

Do enjoy yourself! Internships can be extremely high stress, but allow yourself some time to recognize how amazing it is to be an intern. This is your experience, and after all you’re doing what you love!

From an intern who knows…stay tuned for more.



Sara Rachele, former vocalist and keyboardist for The Love Willows (Decca), has been studying at Berklee since mid 2009. A songwriting and music business major, Sara is the Creative Intern at music publisher BMG/Chrysalis. She is currently living in the East Village with her dog Hank Williams.

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