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Hey, Berklee, What Are You Listening To?

Inspired by Ty Cullen’s “Hey You! What Song Are You Listening To? NEW YORK”, students Abbey Hickman and Jordan Rose ask Berklee the same question: “BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC: What are you listening to?”

Track List:
“Night Train” by Oscar Peterson Trio
“Es-So” by Tune-Yards
“Travale” by A Sight For Sewn Eyes 

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5 Cubed Part 4 – Meet Lomar!

Hello Everyone! I hope you’ve all had a fantastic weekend. I got to shoot another incoming student from my peer advising group on Friday – and look! I actually photographed someone with his instrument!

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Identification Questions:
What’s your name?
Lomar Brown

Where are you from?
Rocky Hill, Connecticut

What’s your instrument?

Serious/Silly Questions:
When did you know you wanted to pursue music as your profession?
Well, I knew when I was going into High School, just being exposed to so much music – so much jazz. I realized more that I couldn’t see myself not doing this everyday. Freshman year I started going to an arts High School. So, you know, you get connections, and you see all these great things and people who are on the scene – and you want to be like that.

What’s your guilty pleasure song, artist, or album?
I don’t have a guilty pleasure. Why feel ashamed? I mean, everybody looks down on everybody. I could say, like, Beyoncé and there are people who hate Beyoncé.

Okay, well, what have you been listening to this week?
Earfood by Roy Hargrove Quintet


By the way, when I was packing up my equipment from the shoot, Lomar and I started talking about Gerald Clayton, the pianist from the Roy Hargrove Quintet. I’ve seen Gerald perform twice in D.C. so you can imagine my jealousy when Lomar told me he had attended a masterclass by Gerald Clayton during a jazz summer program.

Anyways, Lomar is extremely talented, and I’m so thankful that he let me highlight him for the Berklee-Blogs. Thanks, Lomar!

– Elisa

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