Amanda Palmer, Ben Folds, Damien Kulash, and Neil Gaiman (not pictured) joining forces to create 8in8

8in8 member Amanda Palmer recently returned to Berklee to give a clinic to students attending the Summer 5-Week program. Watch what Amanda had to say about touring, songwriting, and a whole host of other topics on Berklee’s ustream channel!

The concept: what if several internet celebrity musicians, who have carved a niche in the industry for an unprecedented level of fan interaction using social media, were to record an album — 8 songs in 8 hours — based on fan suggestions from twitter using the hashtag #8in8, stream the whole recording process live, and sell their work immediately on the web to demonstrate the independence musicians now have from record labels with the advances in technology? And what if those internet-celebrity musicians were, say, Damian Kulash, the front-man of the band OK Go made famous for making one of the cheapest, most enthralling, and most famous music videos ever using only treadmills? And what if this concept included Ben Folds, no stranger to making a record in a day after writing and recording  six spoof songs in a single day based on the leaked track-listing for his own album Way To Normal? And what if, finally, this project included the dynamic couple of Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman, the former a Boston-native and member of the acclaimed punk cabaret band The Dresden Dolls, and the latter a British novelist and recipient of both the Newbery and Carnegie Medal? Well…. then you would have 8in8.

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