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Ashley Brown: Concierge Extraordinare

Berklee Blogs follows Ashley Brown as she interns at Keep the Edge Studios, an upstart recording studio in Quincy, MA

The past few weeks at my internship have been really great!  The studio had its grand opening event on February 19th, which went extremely well. The event was catered, there was live music, and everyone that came had a great time. I only stayed for an hour, but my supervisor told me the following Tuesday that there was constant traffic through the studio during the four-hour event. The event was a great way to get the word out about Keep the Edge. A couple weeks before the grand opening event, I was given the responsibility of calling local newspapers to ask about press releases. I started by researching all the local papers in the Boston and Quincy area (including surrounding smaller towns) and writing down their contact information.  Then, I called each place and asked them to put a press release in their next issue for the studio’s grand opening event.  I was honestly surprised by how many positive responses I got from people. It was a great activity for me because I’m usually afraid of talking on the phone.

This past week I’ve been working a lot with the new intern, Caitlin, who is incredibly nice. We started to put together a calendar of shows for Caitlin to go to in the Boston area so that she can talk to bands about recording at Keep the Edge. I got to walk around Berklee this past week and pick up flyers for local shows at smaller venues that aren’t so widely advertised online (which was where Caitlin was getting most of her information from). It felt good to be able to use my knowledge of local venues to help Caitlin out since she is unfamiliar with Boston venues.

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Ashley Brown: Keep the Edge Studios

Berklee Blogs follows Ashley Brown as she interns at Keep the Edge Studios, an upstart recording studio in Quincy, MA

For all of you who haven’t interned yet, it can definitely be a daunting process. Trust me. I know. But listen to me when I say that it doesn’t have to be all running coffee and answering to impatient employers. Sometimes, it can be a fantastically pleasant learning experience.

This week, I started my internship at Keep the Edge Studios in Quincy, MA. Right away, my supervisor was so nice to me and the work environment was really relaxing. Because the studio recently opened a couple months ago, it’s still taking on other interns and doesn’t have any other employees. I met one of the other interns, but I won’t be working with him because he will be working in the control room while I do administrative work. My first day was spent cleaning the studio. My supervisor told me that I would be cleaning the studio for clients every couple of weeks, so that will be my bi-weekly Tuesday activity. My supervisor also told me that I would be doing research for the studio, organizing and filing, and I will be helping set up the studio for sessions. Overall, my first day was a success.

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Marco Angelone: Closing Thoughts

Berklee Blogs follows Marco Angelone, an international student from Milan, Italy as he continues his internship started last summer through Berklee at Notable Productions

My internship has been very meaningful to me. An internship is by definition an official or formal program that provides practical experience for beginners in an occupation or profession; and for me it was more than that.

My internship was at Notable Productions, located in Watertown, MA. Notable Productions is a recording studio built inside a house. The owner is Daniel Cantor who is a great drummer, writer, engineer and producer; I met him for the first time this past June when I went for my interview. I was impressed because I had never before seen a professional recording studio built in someone’s house and I thought right away: “This man realized his dream, founding his own recording studio inside his own private house”.

So my internship hasn’t been just an internship, but a life experience full of different situations where you need to be flexible and professional. Honestly, there were situations where I was kind of lost and afraid to do the wrong thing, but Dan and his co-workers have always been comprehensive with me and other interns. When I think back to the spring semester of 2011, I remember that I didn’t know what an internship was and I thought: “It’s probably something challenging that I am not able to do.” Of course this was the worst approach that I could have for something new; but thanks to the staff at the Office of Experiential Learning and at the Career Development Center, I started the process to apply for an internship.

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Marco Angelone: Final Days

Berklee Blogs follows Marco Angelone, an international student from Milan, Italy as he continues his internship started last summer through Berklee at Notable Productions

Hello Everyone.

Finals are coming pretty fast and everybody is busy. Last week at Notable Productions, I was focusing on editing a song from Africa and I wrote a possible bass line since the original was missing in the pro tools session and we couldn’t find it. This work was actually pretty fun when it came to the writing process and I enjoyed finding a bass line for the song.

I also assisted Chris, Dan’s co-worker, in tuning some vocals in Melodyne for a beautiful project called “Rockstars for Life”. From my understanding, this project is from an organization that helps children and teenagers with terminal disease and cancer record their own songs in a recording studio. And in this particular case I guess Daniel Cantor is going to be the mixing engineer and co-producer.

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Josh Kipersztok: Newfound Confidence

Berklee Blogs follows Joshua Kipersztok, a fifth semester EPD major interning at Bear Creek Studio near Seattle. Check back periodically as we post updates on his progress.

This has been a couple weeks full of newfound challenges. I feel that it is, more than anything, an indication of the trust I have earned from the people at the studio, regardless of the difficulties.

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