Berklee Intern and performance major Jon Hawkins tells Berklee Blogs what he’s taken away from reconstructing ancient music at Public VR, a Non-Profit organization dedicated to using Virtual Reality in education and research.

My name is Jon Hawkins.  This summer I began an internship with PublicVR working sound design and composition on their virtual Pompeii project.  While working in collaboration with Jeffrey Jacobson (PublicVR),  John Franklin, and the PublicVR staff, I had the opportunity to present and further my compositional and production skills, while working with various programmers, sound designers, and historical/classics experts. Duties included assembling and implementing the soundscape for PublicVR’s virtual models.  The Pompeii soundscape is composed of ambient sounds, music I composed with simulated ancient Roman musical instruments, and a selection of Greco-Roman inspired pieces by John Franklin.

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