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Kayleigh Mill: Working For Free- 5 Ways To Make It Worth It

In today’s post, Kayleigh Mill, a Music Business major and participant in Berklee’s Summer Internship Program in New York City, shares the key concepts that are helping her thrive as an intern at Ariel Publicity, a New York-based public relations firm specializing in social media and the music industry

As someone who really prefers to take on my own projects and would rather work in isolation than with a group of like-minded people, being an intern is a bit of a struggle. There isn’t much choice in the tasks you’re assigned (unless you’re lucky) and a lot of the time there are tasks and projects that have to be split with the other interns. If you work well in this environment, you’ll have no problems. For those of you who prefer a different work situation, I’ve come up with some tips to make the (likely unpaid) internship work for you.

1. Learn From The Little Things

Expect to have a lot of tasks that are time consuming but fairly mindless. Taking down messages, updating inventories and databases, running out to get various items, etc. The good thing about these tasks? You can learn a LOT about what really goes into a business. It’s not all about ideas and the “big picture.” All of the tasks that are a little less exciting are essential to making the business run, and even make the company come across as more professional. 

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Silvina Moreno Final Thoughts: I Am Me

Today I was singing the words, “Send a wish upon a star. Do the work and you’ll go far,” by brilliant singer/songwriter Sia. These lines got me thinking.

Whether I first came to America with a well thought-out plan, or just by following impulsive craving, from the moment that I arrived until today, I do not regret a single day spent in this place. Coming out here to chase a dream at the cost of living far away from my homeland has changed me forever. Forcing myself out of my natural habitat has opened my eyes to secret life details, that I wouldn’t have otherwise ever noticed if I stayed within my comfort zone. I left a beautiful bubble and saw a new world. Even if I go back now, nothing will be the same again… In a good way, of course.

As I sit at this desk, looking out into this chaotic, yet beautiful New York ant’s nest, I can’t help but thinking, why on Earth would I live here? What am I doing here? Is this who I really am? What does that mean? Who am I?

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Silvina Moreno: ‘Networking’ is Quality over Quantity

I am reaching the end of my internship at this company. I am sad and anxious. I am nervous about my future. But oh well, I guess who isn’t?

I will definitely miss the young, creative, bold energy that I sense here everyday. There is something I have learned, or, on a more philosophical perspective, something my memory has re-gained in its infinite archive of lessons, which I consider to be the most important lesson so far: it’s all about quality when it comes to people. That’s really everything that matters to me. Quality time with genuine, real people. There is so much social clutter nowadays that it seems harder and harder to find these gems. But yes, they are out there.

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Silvina Moreno: In the Midst of Fear, a Peace of Mind

Today we got free lunch.

The company organized a pizza party for the interns from every department. Not only was the pizza delicious (and I wish I got an extra slice), but also the lunch was a perfect opportunity to meet many people at our company from different departments. I was hoping we would go around and tell everyone who we are and what we were doing there. We were all chit-chatting and I was wondering if these presentations would even happen.

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Silvina Moreno: Interviews in NYC

Today we check in with Silvina Moreno, a Songwriting and Music Business major learning the ropes of music marketing in NYC. Keep checking in as Silvina periodically updates us on intern life in the Big Apple

My name is Silvina, I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina and I am an intern in the marketing department of a very successful music digital distribution company in New York City. Finding this internship was not an easy task, but it was definitely something worth going through. I applied to fifteen different companies and got three answers for phone interviews. My phone interviews went well enough, so I decided to use my Spring Break to head down to New York to meet these people in person. If you get the chance, always meet your employers in person- it makes a world of difference and it can bring great results!

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