Hello Dear Berklee blog readers,

Are you ready for more internship action?

Prepare yourselves to be submerged in my Blue Mics world for the next couple hundred words. The past two weeks were a lot of fun at the studio. We’ve covered everything at an internship you can imagine. During the past 14 days I came up with my own mantra: “Be humble, give your best. You just never know.” You will understand what I mean by the end of this post. Without further ado, let’s get to the details.

If you’ve read my previous blogs (Part 1 & Part 2), you know I do a lot of stuff at Blue. I am in charge of running the studio, engineering sessions for our Blue artists (www.bluemic.com/bluemob), getting coffee, meeting and greeting artists, managing the studio inventory, creating content for social media marketing, buying lunch, cleaning up after the artists, etc. Some of my internship duties are significant and fun. Others, not so much. However, any single task I perform in the studio at the company, I give my best. I tell myself: “Be humble, give your best. You never know”.  (You see? I told you this was coming up.)

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