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New Year, New Semester, and Another Midterm Check-In

This post has been ruminating since winter break, when I first began reflecting on what I had learned from my first semester at Berklee and what I wanted to change going into my second semester. Being that it’s already spring break, I can share not only my original goals or “resolutions,” but also my progress thus far.

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Photo Blog – Busking Berklee Musicians

Berklee students Tamir Shmerling and Arnan Raz

I had the opportunity to witness my first street performance by Berklee musicians last Friday! The group was formed of all Israeli students who I believe just wanted to jam and enjoy the weather, after many people asked if they had a name or a website and the students had no prepared response. The group drew many onlookers on the busy street – even a Berklee vocalist who, originally just passing by, joined the musicians for several tunes, including a fantastic rendition of Autumn Leaves.

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PULSE Practical Skills Video Shoot


A quick photograph; a brief summary or profile; one day of production madness with the PULSE video team and tons of talented musicians.

If you stopped by the set at The Loft on July 27th, then you know we held nothing back for this shoot for PULSE’s Practical Skills unit. A professional photographer. Three cameras. Even our very own PULSE DJ!

Our goal was to get footage for our upcoming unit that will focus on three types of stories:  Building Your Team (mentoring, partnerships); Dreams & Goals; and Presenting Yourself. With more than 24 hours of footage and a whopping 40 members of our cast, you could say we outdid ourselves!

And our talent definitely brought their A-game. From Berklee student Adam Newall tearing off his shirt to show his body art, to 12-Week student Vaughnette Bigford stunning the crew with her stage attire, to father-and-daughter Berklee team Marian and Phil Wilson getting us all teary eyed with their performance of God Bless the Child. It was a day of awesome and truly inspiring tales.

Get your very own snapshot of the day by checking out the amazing photographs by Angela Harrer on Flickr.

And stay tuned for the exciting release of the videos this fall!

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