Students and faculty are the backbone of the Berklee City Music Network, but in some ways it all starts with parents, the ones who “got us here.”  Often their support, patience and above all their encouragement is what keeps BCMN going.

Ms. Jeannie Butler, whose daughter Brittany is both a Berklee City Music alumna and Berklee College student, spoke with us about recognizing her child’s potential early on, as well as the importance of encouraging Brittany’s passion.  She also shared what Brittany has learned at Berklee, what she has learned from Brittany, and how parents can support their child’s musical explorations.



Brittany Nicole is a self-made YouTube star. Her videos have gained a wide audience with view counts often reaching the hundred thousands.
Check one of the videos from her channel! You can follow Brittany on Twitter @ibrittanynicole