Oceanographer’s five members spanned the Bowery Poetry Club stage after Julia Easterlin’s singular turn.  The band’s music occupied an artistic realm charted by Easterlin, it’s set wrapped in a dreamy atmosphere and the songs sewn together with barely a pause between them by Berklee alumnus and Berkleemusic.com student Kevin Plessner’s beautiful, shimmering lead guitar lines.  Oceanographer’s music is a mix of shoegaze, indie pop, ambient, minimalist, and post-rock, representative of the current Brooklyn scene, where it is based.  The band will release a 12-song disc in 2011.

Sitting in the Bowery Poetry Club’s front room, Kevin Plessner and Jeremy Yocum, singer and guitar player, talk about their high hopes for CMJ to connect them to a wider New York scene and beyond.