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Kayleigh Mill: What I Do and What I Learn

In today’s post, Berklee Blogs follows up with Kayleigh Mill, a Music Business major and participant in Berklee’s Summer Internship Program in New York City. Kayleigh tells us what her day-to-day tasks look like at both her internships and what they have taught her so far.

Three weeks in and I’m pretty confident about what to expect from the day to day at my internships. Time for a sneak peek into the lowest level in the music industry:

Internship #1

The best part about this industry? Waking up early is avoided at all costs. My internship for The Living Room doesn’t start until 2, so I can either catch up on the sleep I didn’t get over the weekend or wake up and get some writing done before the chaos of the world takes up all my time. 

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Kayleigh Mill: Working For Free- 5 Ways To Make It Worth It

In today’s post, Kayleigh Mill, a Music Business major and participant in Berklee’s Summer Internship Program in New York City, shares the key concepts that are helping her thrive as an intern at Ariel Publicity, a New York-based public relations firm specializing in social media and the music industry

As someone who really prefers to take on my own projects and would rather work in isolation than with a group of like-minded people, being an intern is a bit of a struggle. There isn’t much choice in the tasks you’re assigned (unless you’re lucky) and a lot of the time there are tasks and projects that have to be split with the other interns. If you work well in this environment, you’ll have no problems. For those of you who prefer a different work situation, I’ve come up with some tips to make the (likely unpaid) internship work for you.

1. Learn From The Little Things

Expect to have a lot of tasks that are time consuming but fairly mindless. Taking down messages, updating inventories and databases, running out to get various items, etc. The good thing about these tasks? You can learn a LOT about what really goes into a business. It’s not all about ideas and the “big picture.” All of the tasks that are a little less exciting are essential to making the business run, and even make the company come across as more professional. 

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Common Questions: Performance Majors and Internships

The Office of Experiential Learning answers some FAQs from students who visit their office

Q: I’m a performance major. Why would I want to do an internship?

At a school which fosters musical creativity like Berklee, students occasionally lose interest when we explain that most of our internships take place in a business setting- particularly if the student’s major or personal career goals are centered around performing. You can almost see them thinking, “Right. I want to stand up on a stage, not sit behind a desk. I think I’ll pass…”

It’s an understandable reaction when a student is (and should be) so engrossed in their music. That’s the most important thing, right? Of course. But ask any (successful) musician and they’ll tell you that being a professional, earning performer requires a surprising amount of business finesse.

It makes sense, doesn’t it? As a performer you’re running a small business, selling your music and yourself as products. You’ll handle contracts, build professional relationships, and perhaps produce, market and sell your own work. To see what I mean, check out this interview by one of our former interns, Gary Lazzara, when he interviews Berklee grad and Black Eyed Peas collaborator Keith Harris. Even if you outsource these necessary tasks, you leave yourself in the trust and mercy of promoters, marketers and agents.

With the way the industry is shifting these days, the tendency leans more and more towards a do-it-yourself model. So you better know at least a little bit about those aspects of your future career that aren’t exactly musical in nature. And what better place to learn the tricks and traps of the trade than from the inside? Why not work at a marketing company, a venue or a booking agent to learn skills for yourself and become a wise consumer of those services?

Ted Kurland Associates is a top Boston agency which books for the likes of  Pat Metheny, Keith Jarrett, Chick Corea, Miles Davis and Sonny Rollins. See what their Director of Marketing, David Greenberg has to say about getting the inside info (1:23) during a recent interview:

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Common Questions: Where Can I Intern?

The Office of Experiential Learning answers some FAQs from students who visit their office

Q: Where can I intern?

We often have to ask for a bit of clarification when a prospective intern asks this question. Often, they are either asking about the geographic placement or the industry field in which they will intern.

To begin with, Berklee interns can intern, geographically, anywhere. We have three summer-specific programs, The Summer Internship Programs in New York, LA and London that are specific to those areas and include an internship, workshops with local industry leaders and furnished housing with other Berklee interns.

However, we also have a major-specific internship that earns two general electives in your major and an Internship Certificate Program that does not count towards graduation but lets you get your foot in the door of an internship without taking on too many extra academic assignments. Both of these programs are offered year-round and can be fulfilled in any city, anywhere. Just keep in mind that you are on your own for housing, transportation and other logistics.

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Last Minute Applications for Los Angeles and New York are Still Being Accepted!

It’s not too late to get in your application for Summer Internship Programs in  LA and New York City!

Both programs offer furnished housing with other interning Berklee Students, industry workshops with leading music business professionals and the opportunity to gain valuable skills and contacts in the music industry.

The deadline to apply is February 10, 2012.

You can check out the details and download applications for all our programs at In the meantime, check out this video of what recent participants have to say about interning in Los Angeles: the epicenter of the global entertainment industry…

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