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New York

Insider’s Scoop Backstage at Electric Daisy Carnival

By Edward Ma

more EDCLast month, I had the amazing opportunity to attend Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) in New York with my classmate Kim Barbosa as Heavy Rotation Records (BPMI) representatives for our artist Glow Team. Heavy Rotations Records is an on-campus record label that signs a select group of Berklee artists each year and helps the signed artists build a solid fanbase until festival season. I learned so much about the live concert industry from working as the point person for Glow Team at EDC, and I’ll be giving the insider scoop on how logistics run in an event as such!

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Two-Five-One: Hillary Barleaux


Name: Hillary Barleaux
Major(s): Songwriting
Hometown: Millerton, NY
Current City: Los Angeles, CA

What has been the most challenging about your transition from college to career?

I think the most challenging thing about the transition is getting comfortable in your own skin as an artist. At Berklee, you’re a sponge – just soaking up everything possible and bouncing creativity off of your peers and your friends. It’s a very exciting time. I’ve been out since 2011 and I feel like every year I get closer to figuring out the kind of artist I want to be. They don’t really teach you that in the classroom. They give you the tools, but you have to ask the questions. What are you trying to gain by being in this field? That’s something you have to figure out on your own. And it’s really fun trying to figure that out. Taking the life experience you gain in the real world and incorporating it into your music and writing.

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Two-Five-One: Liz Turner


Liz Turner, a 2010 Berklee graduate, is an accomplished singer, composer and actress who captivates her audiences with a warm voice, playful attitude, and vibrant inner beauty.  After touring she relocated to NYC and will be embarking on a new adventure starting Fall, 2015 in Valencia, Spain to pursue her Masters of Music in Vocal Performance/Music Production at Berkee College of Music’s Spain Campus.

Liz Turner PicName: Liz Turner
Major(s): Performance, Voice
Hometown: Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA
Current City: Brooklyn, New York, USA

Why did you move to the city you’re living in now?

After graduation, I was fortunate to spend two years on the road performing in Europe with Disney and Nickelodeon. Then I became anxious to create my own music and chose New York City as my base because of its array of creative opportunities. For me NYC provides work in TV, film, recording and live performances in small venues, each of these experiences have shaped my music. I work hard at connecting with other musicians and enjoy collaborations where I can network with musicians from many styles.

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Carla Martinez: Keeping it All Together

Berklee Blogs follows Carla Martinez, a Professional Music major and participant in Berklee’s Summer Internship Program in New York City. In Today’s post, Carla tells Berklee Blogs how she manages to keep a life rooted in both Boston and New York humming along…

Time management can be a challenge for any student, but it’s essentially something that could make or break you in the real world. Here in New York, I have an internship that I work three days a week. When I’m not in the office, I’m at auditions, working at my part time job, watching shows on and off Broadway, and even sitting in the audience of my friend’s gigs.

That’s just New York.

I’m also balancing my life in Boston (from New York), which includes being the President of the Musical Theater Club, Peer Advising, scheduling gigs with the band I sing with, and about a dozen other things that keep me on my toes! So how does one keep it all together? Here’s a list of things that work for me (and you might find that they work for you too!)

#1- To-Do Lists

I might be mildly obsessed with making to-do lists but they’re incredibly effective! I personally like writing things down on bright post it notes (so they’re easy to find in my bag) but I know friends who use their iPhones or the Stickies application on their MacBooks. I like to cross things off when I complete them; it’s a great feeling of accomplishment!

#2- Calendar

I definitely wouldn’t survive without one and there are a ton of ways to get yourself organized! I used to use the Berklee planner (given out at orientation) and I got really creative by using different colored pens for different activities. It was convenient because I’d have to carry the planner around anyway to write down homework and seeing my schedule in front of me helped map out when I’d be able to get the work done. Now that Berklee email has switched to Google, I’ve been taking advantage of the applications and recently started using the calendar. I then downloaded a Google calendar application on my phone and synced the two together. It has been a lifesaver at times because I set reminders of when I’m supposed to be somewhere or when something is due!

#3- Prioritizing

This is pretty self-explanatory. You have to put the most important things first and then the extra stuff can fit it the mix somewhere. The level of importance is different for everyone so it’s up to you to decide what gets most of your time. Some people put school first, while others think that the direction of their band is more important. Once you figure that out, you can make a solid routine and everything starts to become a lot easier to manage.

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Kayleigh Mill: New York Survival Tips

Berklee Blogs follows Kayleigh Mill, a Music Business major and participant in Berklee’s Summer Internship Program in New York City. In today’s post, Kayleigh lets us in on her top tips for surviving and thriving in New York City…


Getting Around

#1 – Look up (and figure out) subway directions BEFORE you leave

#2 – Know the difference between going downtown and uptown

#3 – Local trains stop at every station; express trains DO NOT

#4 – The traffic on even numbered one-way streets go East; odd traffic goes West

#5 – The city is a grid, avenues go North-South; streets go East-West

#6 – 30-day passes can only be swiped once every 18 minutes

#7 – It takes longer to get there than you think

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