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3인 3색 남성 재즈뮤지션 – Tri-color of 3 Male Jazz Musicians

지난 3인 3색 재즈뮤지션 여성편이 나름 좋은 반응을 얻었었다.(나의 지인들로부터…*_*)

그리하여 이번엔 3인 3색 남성 재즈뮤지션편을 준비해 보았다.

졸업공연, 졸업식 등으로 블로그를 나름 소홀하게 한 점 . . 인정인정!

이제 백수이니만큼 다양한 소식으로 준비하겠다 🙂


이번 남자편의 내 나름대로의 기준은 버클리 졸업 후 귀국하여 재즈뿐만 아니라

다양한 장르에 도전하며 바쁘게 활동하고 있는 3인에게 인터뷰 요청을 하였고

흔쾌히 OK 해준 신현필, 김진수, 신동진께 감사의 말씀을 전한다.

그럼 이제 그들의 스토리를 들어보자

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Common Questions: Performance Majors and Internships

The Office of Experiential Learning answers some FAQs from students who visit their office

Q: I’m a performance major. Why would I want to do an internship?

At a school which fosters musical creativity like Berklee, students occasionally lose interest when we explain that most of our internships take place in a business setting- particularly if the student’s major or personal career goals are centered around performing. You can almost see them thinking, “Right. I want to stand up on a stage, not sit behind a desk. I think I’ll pass…”

It’s an understandable reaction when a student is (and should be) so engrossed in their music. That’s the most important thing, right? Of course. But ask any (successful) musician and they’ll tell you that being a professional, earning performer requires a surprising amount of business finesse.

It makes sense, doesn’t it? As a performer you’re running a small business, selling your music and yourself as products. You’ll handle contracts, build professional relationships, and perhaps produce, market and sell your own work. To see what I mean, check out this interview by one of our former interns, Gary Lazzara, when he interviews Berklee grad and Black Eyed Peas collaborator Keith Harris. Even if you outsource these necessary tasks, you leave yourself in the trust and mercy of promoters, marketers and agents.

With the way the industry is shifting these days, the tendency leans more and more towards a do-it-yourself model. So you better know at least a little bit about those aspects of your future career that aren’t exactly musical in nature. And what better place to learn the tricks and traps of the trade than from the inside? Why not work at a marketing company, a venue or a booking agent to learn skills for yourself and become a wise consumer of those services?

Ted Kurland Associates is a top Boston agency which books for the likes of  Pat Metheny, Keith Jarrett, Chick Corea, Miles Davis and Sonny Rollins. See what their Director of Marketing, David Greenberg has to say about getting the inside info (1:23) during a recent interview:

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