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Heather Rajcic: Regarding Passion…

Berklee Blogs catches up with Heather Rajcic, a Music Business /Management major and fall intern, as she reflects on her internship with Clearsongs, a full service music supervision company in Los Angeles. In today’s blog, Heather discusses the concept of having passion for your career. Can others misinterpret your passion? Is there such a thing as too much?

Internships are a funny thing. They are basically the bridge between “real life” and school: You feel grown up and yet you are just getting started. I have to sometimes remind myself that it is OK to not know everything. The entire reason I am interning right now is to gain enough experience so that when I do actually find a job, I will be ready and I WILL know everything.

Sometimes I think I take my career and school work too seriously. Nobody actually busts their butt for unpaid work do they? OK, well maybe us students are the exception. I was always taught to do my best and work hard at everything because when you take yourself seriously, others take you seriously. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to constantly seek perfection, especially if what you are doing means a lot to you.

This is something I have wondered during my time as an intern. It is good to be enthusiastic about what you love, but is there a point where you cross the line? Can your passion and excitement to do what you love actually hurt your chances of doing it?

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Heather Rajcic: What I expected…

Berklee Blogs catches up with Heather Rajcic, a Music Business /Management major and fall intern, as she reflects on her internship with Clearsongs, a full service music supervision company in Los Angeles. In today’s blog, Heather discusses adjusting her expectations of what she thought an internship would be and how supervisors are prepared to help advance her career…

My first two months at my internship with Clearsongs were incredible! There was so much information being passed around that I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed and excited all at the same time. Immediately, they welcomed me into their close-knit group and talked about all of the things they want me to accomplish personally during my time with them. I was completely flattered that they would think of me like that and not just as their coffee runner or unpaid assistant. I have to admit, movies influenced my idea of what an internship would be like and that is kind of the image I had going into this. Turns out, it is more than I could ever have hoped for. The work they have given me so far has already helped me better understand the ins and outs of music supervision.

I upload and import TONS of music every day, add up timings on cue sheets for songs used in the shows, update and keep track of all social media sites for Clearsongs, and have already been asked to pull music for specific scenes! Obviously they are mostly exercises to help me start the process of thinking like a music supervisor, but it is still awesome to be a part of it! I also like that my supervisor has asked me to start doing song research for the songs she chooses for shows. It is important that they find the exact and correct information for who owns the master (sound recording) and sync (copyright) rights. She says this is 80 percent of a music supervisor’s job and for the first few years of her own career, that was all she did.

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LAB: The Career That Found Me

Berklee Alum Spotlight: Wendy Levy ‘78, Music Supervisor
Written by: Shantell Ogden ’05

Wendy Levy didn’t set out to be one of the top music supervisors in Los Angeles, but, as she puts it, “It was the career that found me.”

The love of music started for Levy at an early age, she studied classical piano and started playing guitar when she was just 10. Though she heard about Berklee College of Music at a young age, Levy attended Duke and The University of Pennsylvania to study music and play intercollegiate tennis when she graduated from high school.

When she later entered Berklee to study her passion of composition, she was blown away.

“It was the greatest musical community I had ever experienced,” said Levy. “From day one I was writing and it was such a cumulative education for me. Everything I learned made me a very well-rounded composer.”

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Internship Expectations, Resumes and Opportunities – Mike Swartz ’03


I’ve been involved with the internship process in one way or another for nearly eight years. I’ve been an intern, worked with interns, supervised an internship program, and I think there are some important things to consider when applying for and choosing an internship. I’m not suggesting any of you wouldn’t have figured these out, but you’d be surprised with some of the things that have come across my desk.


There are internship experiences on all points of the spectrum; while occasionally someone is hired or gets to go on tour with a big band, the majority of them are fairly standard. There is always a way to learn and grow with an internship, but some are just not very exciting. If you can manage your expectations with this and not expect to do high-level or creative work, it’s less likely you’ll come to your internship unmotivated. I’ve seen it happen a number of times, where I’ve had interns tell me at the end of their term they were disappointed they didn’t get to do more creative work. Well, to put it bluntly, we had other things that needed more urgent help, and it would take a while for anyone to be trusted with that kind of work anyway. As an intern, you need to show enough initiative and skill to warrant that kind of trust, but expect that you’ll mainly be doing more basic office help such as filing, mailers, etc.

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