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Young Guitarist from Lawrence Music Clubhouse

Here’s a video I shot of  Wilfredo Gomez playing an Eddie Van Halen guitar solo, during my trip to the Lawrence Music Clubhouse a few weeks ago.

Warning: Some face-melting may occur.

From the Interns Desk: My Trip to Lawrence Music Clubhouse

Last Monday I took a field trip to the Lawrence Music Clubhouse to hang out with the teachers there, talk about PULSE, and check out the learning environment. I spent some time sitting in on lessons, meeting the students and giving some PULSE demos. The LMC is a fantastic community space for kids to sign up for free music lessons.

Sarah Fylak, a teacher at the clubhouse, is a good friend of mine through our music program at Northeastern University, and like myself she is currently interning through Northeastern’s Co-op program.

Sarah and I also play in a band called Asyna Asayn and are continuously working to develop and maintain our start-up record label, Psychedelevator Records. It was through complete coincidence that our respective choices in Co-op jobs happened to be related organizations. Through the clubhouse Sarah and I met Jon Grabowski, another teacher and coordinator there, who now plays drums with Asyna Asayn.

The Lawrence Music Clubhouse is a great space for music education and there’s clearly a lot of young talent growing there.

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