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Gary Lazzara: Interview with Keith Harris pt. 1

Berklee intern Gary Lazzara asks the question “How does music education translate into the realities of life in the industry?” Gary interviewed Keith Harris producer, songwriter, musician and performer with The Black Eyed Peas for answers and will post his interview on Thursday.

There was a time in my life when I used to think there were only two types of income possibilities in the music industry. One was as a super-star artist making millions of dollars, like the artists I saw on MTV, and the other was the musician dressed in a funny costume playing the Dixieland combo-band at Disneyland. As a result, I felt pressured to follow a career in business and to keep my music interest as a hobby. Becoming a super-star felt as far fetched as winning the lottery and I felt the odds of being successful with a business degree were more realistic.

After a few semesters as a business major and a partnership with an internet startup, an offer came my way to work in the mortgage industry during the height of the mortgage boom. Like many others, I rode the mortgage wave until its collapse in 2007.

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High Touch vs. High Tech in Recording Studios

Gary Lazzara learned that people skills can be just as important as technical ability while interning at Dirty Water Sound & Music

As an aspiring music producer, mix engineer and sound designer in the world today, I decided prior to beginning my studies at Berklee that I would expose myself to as many opportunities related to my career as I could.  I knew before enrolling that Berklee provided many avenues for someone like myself to take so once I arrived, I began searching for things related to production, engineering and sound design.  As a result, I was introduced to the internship program through the Office of Experiencial Learning and decided to pursue an internship.

At the same time I was learning about the internship program at Berklee, through a contact, I met Jared Mooney, Owner/Producer/Engineer of Dirty Water Sound and Music (DWSM) in Charleston.  He informed me that he had an internship program through Berklee at his studio and invited me to come down. So I contacted the Office of Experiencial Learning to get more information about the internship program and how to register. The following day I visited the office, registered, and so officially began my internship.

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LA Internship Program – Fall 2010 Orientation

Fall 2010 LA Program Interns

Welcoming the new LA interns for the Fall 2010 semester!

This group, the second that is 100% male, has (10) students total. Majors include Pro Music, Music Business/Management, Jazz Composition, E/PD, and MP&E. Setting a different trend from our Summer 2010 group, this group lacks Film Scoring majors. That’s OK! The LA Internship Program is open to all Berklee students 5th semester standing and higher of any major.

Students will be interning at a variety of companies including:

Stay tuned for updates from this group as they’re sure to have tons of information to share in the coming weeks!

*Denotes alumni supervisor


The OEL will be hosting an LA Internship Program Informational event on Thursday September 23rd 2010 at 1PM in the Steve Heck room (1140 Boylston St). For more information about the LA Internship Program and other internship opportunities, visit the Office of Experiential Learning.

LA Internship Program – Reasons Why

Serge Courtois participated in the LA Program’s Spring 2010 semester. As an MP&E and Performance double major, he was looking for a complement to his Berklee studies on campus. After a full semester in Los Angeles, interning with alum and CEO of InDaMix Productions, Matt Lands, Serge found his creativity and business skills flourishing.

Now that Serge has returned to Berklee to finish his degrees, he offered this recommendation to current and future students:

“The Los Angeles Internship Program is a must for every musician who is serious about pursuing a life in the business. The internship shows sides of the music business that are crucial but can’t be taught in school.”


Nolan and Serge - LA Alumni Brunch - January 2010

Serge Courtois, pictured here with his LA roommate Nolan Lambroza, is a 9th semester Performance and MP&E double major at Berklee College of Music. He can be contacted at sergec at pt dot lu |

A day in the studio with Wyclef

Hey Berklee-Blogs!

My name is Will Wells, and I am a 7th semester Film Scoring/Music Production and Engineering student. I recently had the opportunity to work with recording artist/producer Wyclef Jean, a musical monster most known for his work with the Fugees, and many other artists such as Shakira, Lil’ Wayne, T.I., and Lauryn Hill just to name a few. Having recently claimed Berklee as his official college, Wyclef was interested in providing a special opportunity for some of his peers to participate in the recording of his new album, The Haitian Experience.

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