Mario Guthrie, Fall 2010 Intern

Embarking on my internship search, I figured somehow, someway all the informational pamphlets thrown at me in the previous semester would start making sense.

Initially, the process seemed like it would be simple as I combed the internship database for at least 10 internships in New York City.  The database is easy to use and has neat features. You can upload your documents (resume & cover letters) and have them emailed through the database.  I went into this search with specific areas of the music business in mind: A&R, Publishing, Touring and Marketing.  Touring basically was non-existent in NY, so that left publishing and A&R, which apparently everyone and their mother wanted to do (as was said by one of my interviewers).

Following the instructions of the internship guide, I created an “internship log” document in Microsoft Word where I put all the information about my search including:

  • name of company
  • contact person
  • title of internship
  • correspondence regarding the internship

I applied to approximately 11 sites and scored 6 interviews.  Of the 6 interviews, 3 sites said yes to having me as an intern, 1 interview could not be scheduled so it never happen, and the other 2 sites still haven’t responded.

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