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Lunch Sessions

Sharin Toribio at Prudential Lunch Series

It’s concerts like these that make me wish I spoke Spanish. Sharin Toribio performed on a beautiful hot day in July at the Prudential Courtyard Series.

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Berklee Presents Nick Goldston and Endangered Speeches in the Summer in the City Music Series

Last week I started off once again at the Prudential Lunch Series, this time with Nick Goldston performing.

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Mario Jose @ Prudential Lunch Series

Today was yet another beautiful day at the prudential with kids running around and lots of smiling faces. I arrived on scene just as the music started and was able to finally hear the voice of a guy who I had seen around campus for the past few years. This week, Mario Jose and his band performed. The feeling of summer instantly washed over the audience.

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Berklee Lunch Sessions at Prudential Center

Hold on! You’re saying I have to spend my morning outside, on a beautiful day, in a stunning courtyard, listening to to awesome music……. I love this job. On June 7th, the Berklee Lunch Sessions at the Prudential Center was kicked off by none other than Megan Lui.

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