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Los Angeles

The Power of Asking


by Shie Rozow ’97

Growing up I was very timid, especially when it came to girls. In junior high there was a girl I liked. A lot. There was a school dance coming up and I desperately wanted to ask her to go as my date, but just couldn’t muster the courage. I was too shy (no pun intended). Trying to help me, my father told me a story – a crude joke:

A man walks into a bar, sits next to a pretty woman and asks her if she wants to go to his place for some late night romance. She throws her drink in his face, slaps him across the cheek and storms off. The bartender says to the man “you must get a lot of drinks thrown in your face?” The man responds, “yes I do, but I also take a lot of women to my place.”

He explained his point was that if you don’t ask, you’ll never get what you want. Thankfully that wasn’t the extend of his advice and my father then followed up with his 75% chance of success theory. It goes something like this: continue reading on Shie’s blog.

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Boston to LA: Starting a Career

Nikole Luebbe graduated in 2014 and is now working as the Music Coordinator at Heavy Hitters Music.

Nikole Luebbe Headshot

September 2013 I was beginning my last semester at Berklee, September 2014 marked the end
of my third month working as the music coordinator for Heavy Hitters Music. Time has been moving very quickly lately and in the span of 12 months I have gone from college student, to intern, to college graduate, to full time employee. In an industry that can be very unpredictable and unstable I have been very lucky in that I have never been to unsure of what my next step will be.

In September of 2013 I made my first trip into the Office of Experiential Learning to meet with my advisor Brian Curr. I told Brian I was interested in music supervision and that my dream internship would be to work for Chop Shop Music Supervision. Brian was an invaluable resource to me, he made sure I was prepared and kept me level headed by letting me know I needed to pursue backup options, as it was not likely I would get an interview with Chop Shop.

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Plan B? No Thanks!

Plan B? No Thanks!

ALESSANDRO LOMBARDOAlessandro Lombardo is a freelance musician, graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2011, and since then has been traveling all around the world in 5 continents. Alessandro is also the co-founder of the drumming community The Drum House which counts 20 000 followers and proudly endorses Zildjian, Vic Firth, Tama and Remo. You can reach him on Facebook, Twitter or on his Website.


  • Destiny or Choice? Both!

When I was a kid I had a dream: I wanted to be a professional musician. I always loved the sound of music and whenever I could get my hands on a piano I would start bashing around
(only until I discovered the drums, but that’s another story). I remember my life-changing moment, that moment when you realize what it is that you are deeply attracted to. I was playing a song and my heart started sinking, letting my emotions flow as if I were a magic channel. From that moment on, I knew that there was nothing else I wanted to do, and I started my life-long quest.

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I Lived in a Tent in a Ditch in the Woods

A Perspective on Life

By Eruch Kimball ’03

“So how’s the weather in EEEELL AAAAY???”, my mother asks through the speaker of an “i”
device. “Yeah, its pretty great. I think it got up to 82 today.”, I say, with slight enthusiasm. “How’s
winter treating you and Dad?”. “Well, its down in the 20’s. It’s a little cold”, she says. “Well”, I rise to speak, with an instant thought of tactical advantage, “just remember, I spent a week in the mountains of South Korea in January, with a high of 9!”Eruch Kimball

I like the outdoors. I also love air conditioning. When I was in the Army there were a couple of very memorable training events involving the outdoors. A night time live fire obstacle course. My first January in South Korea. And a special time where I lived in a tent in a ditch in the woods for a week. You knew I’d get to that title soon…

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Two-Five-One: Eruch Kimball


Eruch Kimball ’03 is an electric bassist, composer, arranger, audio engineer and marketing professional.  Originally a Professional Music major in performance and songwriting, he completed Master Certificates in Film Scoring and Music Business through Berklee Online and is currently competing an MBA in Marketing.  Over his 16 years of music industry experience he has performed and engineered over 3000 concerts for over 2 million people across the U.S. and East Asia.  A military veteran, he served six years of active duty service with the U.S. Army Band.  He owns and operates SynchroMuse LLC, an audio branding and music services company based out of Los Angeles.  He loves to blog about life and food and is developing an online community where these two passions of his intersect called Urban Bento.  You can follow him, his music, and his writing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@urbanbento, @synchromuse)

Name: Eruch Kimball
Major(s): BM in Professional Music; Orchestration for Film and TV (Online), Music Business (Online)
Hometown: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Current City: Los Angeles, CAEruch Kimball

What has been the most challenging thing about your transition from college to career?

Balancing my artistic, career, and life goals. Basically finding time to practice and develop while also building on my skill set and career path and being able to pay rent and eat well.

How does your degree play a role in your current career path?

My degrees have all been focused on building upon related skill sets to make myself very valuable in a lot of ways. You don’t need a degree to be a great player, but having the theory knowledge, a common musical and professional standard to live up to, and some business acumen can give you the edge above the next guy (or girl) in line for the gig you’re after. The more ways you have to “sell yourself”, performing, arranging, composing, engineering, marketing, automatically you’ll become more connected and increase your chances of success.

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