Banded. Ballet. Baroque. Yes, we also think it’s an amazing combination! And you can see all three Saturday evening when the Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library brings its Banded composition to life through a special performance at “BalletRox Springs Out of the Box.” The PULSE team has been filming the band for several weeks in its rehearsal space (read: funky kitchen) for the Banded project, and we’ve watched this piece come to life — from its initial phase of being nothing but a thematic idea through to the polished piece that was recently rehearsed by dancers at the Tony Williams Dance Center in Boston. So before you see the big show on Saturday, we thought we’d give you a glimpse of some behind-the-scenes images from our recent shoots. You can purchase tickets using the link above.

Berklee associate professor, composer and performer Linda Chase gives the MJEML crew some compositional ideas at a recent rehearsal.

Drummer Sophia Cacciola, Michael J. Epstein and singer Tanya Palit finalize lyrics for their Banded composition.

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