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Entrevista com Michael League do Snarky Puppy!

This post was authored by Andre Vasconcelos, writer of the Brazilian Portuguese tab for the Berklee Blogs.

Na semana passada eu e dois colegas entrevistamos um dos músicos que mais chama atenção na indústria hoje em dia. O baixista, compositor, arranjador, produtor, empresário do famoso grupo Snarky Puppy, Michael League separou alguns minutos de seu ocupadíssimo itinerário para conceder uma entrevista para o Berklee Blogs.


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Andre Vasconcelos interviews Michael League

Last week me and two companions had the pleasure to interview one of the most notorious young artists of today’s scene. Michael League is a bassist, composer, producer, arranger, manager, record label owner and much, much more. This very capable musician took some time out of his intensely busy schedule to do a video interview with me for the Berklee Blogs!


This post was authored by Andre Vasconcelos, writer of the Brazilian Portuguese tab for the Berklee Blogs.

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Florenza Campos: Wrapping Up, Part II

Berklee Blogs follows up with Florenza Campos, Brazilian-born singer-songwriter, Professional Music major and recent intern at Universal Music Latin. In part II of a two-part post, Florenza tells us some of the central lessons she learned in her internship- and how they prepared her to tackle her future career

Working at Universal has helped me so much in understanding the business I want to get into. It has made me grow in so many aspects as an artist and music business professional. Working directly with artists, I have seen what it takes to make one, and how an artist stays successful in this difficult industry. I understand the stress and struggles one has to go through to make it, and it’s not something that happens overnight, but with years of dedication and hard work.

There is also a lot of patience involved, which I have learned over time myself. As a business professional, I have seen what it takes to work directly with artists, and have listened to enough demos to distinguish which musicians are ready to be artists. I can finish any task at hand at a good pace, and have learned how to do anything my bosses ask of me. I have learned to be dependable and loyal to the company, which I believe are very important aspects to work in this industry.

The office is an incredible environment to work in, for everyone is equally treated with respect. It seems like no one is higher than anyone, and I love that. Everyone is always willing to help each other out in any way, and my co-workers have all helped me so much since I started my internship. Everyone is friendly, hard-working, and dedicated. It would be the perfect company for me to work at permanently, for I believe I have built great relationships and established a good foundation.

For my Professional Music major, I have mainly emphasized the courses Performance, Songwriting, Music Business. My internship as an A&R at Universal has helped me relate to all of these areas of study. My final project proposal was my first EP, which I worked on for almost two years, and working at Universal has helped my project develop growth, including getting contacts with DJs and record pools who have remixed and pushed my single up to top 10 on their charts for a few months! Developing such contacts is crucial for me in my future career in the business. I wish to continue on a great basis with everyone in the company to further help any future projects I may have and keep the great friendships I have made.

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Florenza Campos: Wrapping Up, Part I

Berklee Blogs follows up with Florenza Campos, Brazilian-born singer-songwriter, Professional Music major and recent intern at Universal Music Latin. In part I of a two-part post, Florenza sets the stage for the massive scope of Universal Music Publishing and her central role in it

Universal Music Group is the largest international recording company in the world. There are branches of it across America, and in countries such as the United Kingdom and France. It is home to hundreds of signed artists, many of which are huge superstars. Universal Music Latin Entertainment, the specific branch of Universal where my internship takes place, is based out of Miami, and focuses on the Latin music market.

The company covers recorded music, music publishing, and marketing. They build and develop artists and songwriters, then distribute their music worldwide. Universal Music Publishing Group is the industry’s top music publishing operation. Other than developing songwriters, they administer copyrights to compositions for use in recordings, public performances, films, and advertisements. Bravado is UMG’s merchandising company, and sells artists and products through fashion retail, the internet, and live performances. UMG represents music in many genres, and range from artists such as Louis Armstrong to Lady Gaga.

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Florenza Campos: Brief Respite

Berklee Blogs checks in with Florenza Campos, Brazilian-born singer-songwriter, Professional Music major and freshly minted intern at Universal Music Latin. We’ll check in periodically with Florenza as she shares her lessons and insights from Miami as one of the Office of Experiential Learning’s veteran interns

These past few days I have actually spent in Boston for the annual Berklee Songwriters Night, in which my song “Heartbreaker” was chosen as a winner. I just had the performance at the Berklee Performance Center last night, and it was an incredible show. I am very thankful to have had that opportunity, and to know that everyone back at Universal was supporting and rooting for me.

The past few weeks have also been a bit busy at the office. Nothing too exciting has happened since the Winter Music Conference, but I still had all my regular errands. I had to get in contact with every DJ and record pool we have on our agenda, to make sure to get them to push the single “Bebe Bonita” to number one on their charts. The video (that I participated in) came out on YouTube not too long ago, and it has surpassed 3,000.000 views within the first few days! That was probably one of the most exciting experiences I had at Universal.

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