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LA Internship Program

Social Networking 101: Facebook – Hunter Hawes, Intern

Recently I participated in the Los Angeles Internship Program. During my time I unexpectedly became an expert in social network managing and marketing in a company setting. Social Networking is the fastest growing business today and there are plenty of lucrative opportunities for those just entering the job market to cash in on. I interned with 2 companies, Electronic Creatives and TicketWeb. Both had me using social networking to further their goals. I want to share what I learned about social networking specifically tailored for the music industry.

I will walk you through a specific project and how I used social networking for marketing purposes giving the tactics I used to maximize results. When I started at Electronic Creatives the company was basically nonexistent in the social networking world. We had a Facebook group, and a Youtube page. During my internship I created, developed, and maintained a Facebook page, Twitter account, and Youtube account.

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My Two Cents About Interning – Paul Margolin, LA Intern

Rolling The Ball – Preparing For Departure
Looking back, the only thing I regret about my L.A. experience is that I didn’t do enough processing beforehand to really prepare myself.  Before you consider interning in the music industry, it might be useful to sit down and brainstorm an action plan.  Strategically plan your moves in advance to get the best results. When you form that attack plan, it makes the transition all the easier and can plant seeds for your future success.

Right now you may be thinking, is there a point to this? Well, let’s get down to business. These are some tricks I’ve learned via experience that may get you thinking. (Thinking is always a good thing. ALWAYS take time to reflect. You’ll be surprised at how much you can learn about yourself)

Getting The Ball Rolling – Sharpening Your Creative Pretty Little Artsy Axe
First off, I advise you to consolidate your achievements, experiences and successes in an updated resume. At the same time, put together all of your best creative work in a bio, demo, website etc (whatever is appropriate for your goals). This way, when you interview for internships and jobs, you’ll already have a huge leg up on the competition. This material can put you on some of these industry folk’s radars very early. Do this before you even secure an internship and you’ll be well on your way into this business. You’d be surprised at how open minded and laid back a lot of these professionals are, even the big shots.

In today’s industry, you have to be willing to seize any opportunity because the value of music has diminished considerably. If there’s talent there, there’s money to be made and lots of people want to make it. Being prepared (and even over prepared in some cases) makes all the difference in the world.

Deposit one cent…

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Billboard’s Film & TV Music Conference – Los Angeles – Kenny Grimm

My internship experience at ASCAP is truly amazing. I’m gaining insight into different careers in the music industry. Several weeks ago I was invited to attend the Billboard Film & TV Music Conference in Century City / Beverly Hills.  Here’s a play by play of my day:

Left around 9am and began my drive over to Century City. Took me about 30 minutes to go 5 miles and find the parking structure. Very confusing parking.

Arrive at the Hyatt Regency. Picked up my guest pass and walked into a large room with hundreds of chairs and panelists on a stage.

Caught the tail end of the first panel discussing a company who creates jingles for advertisements. Shoot Magazine Presents: Music for Commercials & Branded Content

The 2nd panel I caught had Matthew Weiner (creator) and David Carbonara (composer) from the series Mad Men on AMC.  They took us through their process of creating the musical soundscape for Mad Men.  It was valuable to hear their discussion and learn how they really interact during the making of the series. Mad About Mad Men

Next, Carson Daly came on with Davis Powers (Last Call’s music booker) to decide which acts are featured on the Last Call with Carson Daly show.  I haven’t been following Carson Daly for a while but his show is now completely music-oriented, featuring band performances on the show and footage from live performances at venues.  It was cool to see Carson, as I used to watch TRL way back, but I didn’t gain much more insight. Case Study: Last Call with Carson Daly

During the lunch break I was able to get a seat close to the stage.

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Scott Sapcariu ’09: Getting The Internship

The most memorable part of my LA Program internship experience was the task of actually securing an internship. Turns out, even though you’re interning for free, it is really hard applying for internships, especially for companies across the country. Like many other people I knew in the program, I applied to what felt like a zillion internships in hopes that I would secure one. In many cases I never heard back from companies and other sites put me through a whole slew of interviews. I ended up having a roommate before I actually knew where I was going to be interning! This was nerve-racking, but trust me, if you can stay focused, determined and not get discouraged, you will land the right internship for you.

With the move-in date for LA looming, I worried about not securing anything yet. I felt desperate enough to apply to internships outside of my main industry focus. One month away from moving I was offered an internship over the phone. I had to give an answer within the week. I figured I should just take it because it was getting close to the deadline and I had no other offers in sight, but in the back of my mind I knew that I would not be happy with this internship. I ended up having to make a difficult phone call to turn the offer down and the interviewer was not happy with me. I thought that my internship experience was over before it began. With a few interviews left, I made the move to California without a secured internship.

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Scott Sapcariu ’09: What I Liked Best About the LA Program

After much thought, I would have to say the best thing about the LA Program are the opportunities that become available to you just by being out here and meeting with people.

The industry workshops the program offers are the best icebreakers for meeting people who have been living in Los Angeles and have experience working in music. If I found a workshop particularly interesting, I would ask as many questions as I could, whether it was during the workshop, after the workshop by going up and talking with the speaker, or through emails.

Sending follow-up emails with questions was a great route to go because this kept me in touch with various industry professionals. One workshop was about artist management, a job that I am very interested in. By staying in touch with the manager who spoke to us, I was put on the guest list to go see one of his acts in Hollywood. This was a great perk that I enjoyed just by being a part of the LA Program.

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