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Summertime, and the touring is easy (we hope)

It’s relatively quiet here in Boston as the summer semester settles in… though it’s 52 degrees today… because many students have left town. And many take advantage of the warm season to TOUR!

Luckily, we get to follow some of them here. Singer/songwriter Liz Longley will cover her experiences on the folk circuit, several bands will report from jazz festivals, and mandolinist Eric Robertson will blog bluegrass. Along the way, we expect to hear about huge crowds, leaky tents, and late-night brushes (jam sessions) with stardom.

Berklee @ Kerrville Folk Fest!

YEEEHAWWW.  I’m in Texas!  This is my first time and I am loving it.  Earlier this year, I submitted to the Kerrville Folk Festival’s ‘New Folk Competition’.  Out of 800+ applicants, 32 artists are chosen to play for 3 judges and a LOT of music loving, friendly folkies.  I am very honored to be amongst so many talented New Folk finalists.  Today, the first 16 artists played.  Tomorrow the next 16 play and then the judges choose 6 finalists to come back and play next weekend.  

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