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Karen Cowley

Karen Cowley talks about Five-Week

180 international students from all corners of the globe attended the Five-Week Summer Performance Program this past summer. We first heard from Karen Cowley when she attended the Berklee in Dublin program this past April. Cowley won a scholarship to Five-Week there, and we followed her to get the inside scoop on her experience at Berklee: classes, activities, performances, and adjusting to life in Boston. Enjoy!

Shelly Booth: Can you tell us about your top two favorite classes? What topics are you studying, and what’s the most useful advice your teachers have given you?

Karen Cowley: It’s hard to pick only two top favourite classes. . . .

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Jazz videos from Dublin

Ireland’s BalconyTV (“music with a view”) recorded segments with several students at Berklee’s Dublin Improvisation trip last month. Proof, if you needed it, that Irish broadcasters talk justasfast as their U.S. counterparts.

Jazz saxophone with Jacob Veloo:

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Berklee in Dublin- Jam session at Shebeen, Scholarship awards

Students and faculty play at Shebeen

Students and faculty play at Shebeen

Many students came out to a place called Shebeen last night for a jam session. It was a fantastic ending to an amazing week here in Dublin! The jam session started downstairs, where faculty from Newpark Music Centre and Berklee kicked off with a round of jazz tunes. Later, a group of Traditional players found a quieter corner in the upstairs window to jam ’til closing time. John McGann joined the group of students, and the group grew until all seats around were full. Earlier that evening back at DIT, scholarships were awarded to deserving students who attended the program.

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A day as a Berklee in Dublin student

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