We sent our mole—recent grad/employee Jacqueline Smith, that is—to take a look at the four-day summer Songwriting Workshop.

Songwriting Workshop
Hello, my name is Jacqueline Smith. I’m a songwriter who graduated from Berklee recently. I’ve worked in the Summer Programs Office for four years, and attended the Five-Week Performance Program before I came to Berklee. Last August, Shelly asked me to cover the Songwriting Workshop for our new blog. In this post, I share my experience with you!

The way the schedule was set up was like a buffet, if you will. There were something like seven classes at once during each two-hour session, each taught by a different faculty member. It was almost overwhelming! There were classes in everything from business and publishing, to finding the right chords for your melody, to dissecting the poetry of lyric writing. All of the classes repeated at least once so that you could try to get a taste of anything.

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