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Jeannine Hebb

Back to the Bean

In her last post, Jeannine Hebb answered some questions about her life post Berklee. In this post she gives a more intimate view on what it’s like living in NYC and coming back to Boston to perform.

Performing in Boston is always great because I’m originally from here. It feels like a big homecoming whenever I come back to town. And the best part is that I get to see my family and friends from the Bean!

Appearing at Precinct Bar last month was no exception. The audience was responsive, and the rest of the bands playing that night were great. The adrenaline from performing live always puts me in a good mood…and if I have an appreciative audience, like the one that evening at Precinct, it makes me happier than anything I can think of. 

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Jeannine Hebb ’05 – Interview

Jeannine Hebb, a 2005 graduate of Berklee College of Music will return to Boston this Friday, July 22nd! She will be performing at the Precinct in Somerville. She will also be releasing her debut full-length album Whileaway on September 20th!

After graduating from Berklee where she won a litany of awards, Jeannine moved to New York City to pursue her career. In 2007, she released her debut EP Too Late to Change Me. With clever chord structures and purposeful melodies, Jeannine’s well-crafted quirky pop sound reflects a life-long study of music.

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