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Following Your Heart and Letting Go: Andres Fonseca

promo picMy name is, Andres Fonseca Alfonso, born in Bogota, Colombia. I’ve been playing music since I was 8 years old, started with piano lessons and soon after fell in love with percussion instruments, particularly Drum-set. After studying in different schools and private music lessons, I went on to study professionally in the music program at Universidad Sergio Arboleda, where I studied jazz & latin jazz drum-set performance, as well as Colombian percussion, composition and arranging.

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yoshieYoshie Nakayama, from Tokyo, is a second semester Contemporary Writing and Production major and trombone principal. She also studies jazz vocals, and a cappella.


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Improvising Global Connections

By Jason Camelio, director of international programs.

Art of Improvisation Global Connection

Lollapalooza - Brazil award winner Sarah Messias and Ipshita Roy from India hang with Rick Peckham after the Art of Improvisation afternoon master class.

The afternoon session at the end of the first day of the Art of Improvisation: Blues and Jazz program was coming to an end. As the room began to clear an oddly familiar — in the land of Berklee — event took place. Two young women were having a discussion with assistant chair of the guitar department, Rick Peckham. This is fairly common. It gets interesting when you learn about the two talented musicians speaking with Rick.

First, we have a young Brazilian Blues vocalist and harp player Sarah Messias. Sarah is the winner of the 2012 Lollapalooza – Brazil Scholarship. The award affords her the chance to attend the Art of Improvisation program at no cost! Her peer is also a talented young Blues vocalist from India, Ipshita Roy. Both musicians are enjoying some level of musical success in their home countries. Both have traveled a great distance to the new campus in Valencia to make this connection.

For some, this would be the makings a fine Odd Couples sequel. But, for those of us at Berklee it is just another day in the classroom. The exceptions being that these two musicians totally ROCKED it during the afternoon master class. 

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本日は2/23にBPCで行われた毎年恒例Jazz Composition 教授陣による6 hornアレンジのコンサート、”Write of Spring”について書こうと思います。

演奏されたのは、Dick Lowell, Winnie Dahigren, Arthur Felluca, Darrell Katz, Scott Free, Jackson Schultzの5人の教授および卒業生のもので、



僕が注目していたのは「この人の授業をとらねばJazz Composition Majorの意味が無い」とも言われる最重要人物、Greg Hopkinsのトランペット(2nd)です。




何せBuddy Richのバンドでアレンジャーとしてだけでなく、プレーヤーとして長年吹いていた猛者ですから。。。納得ですね。ははは

Gregはトップレベルの生徒を集めて編成されたBerklee Concert Jazz Orchestraのリーダーでもあるので、Performance Majorの人からの知名度も高く、そのコンポジションのセンス、スピード、テクニック、知識量の凄さからCompostion系生徒からの信頼ももちろん厚いので、Berkleeに来たら一度は授業を受けたい先生と言えるでしょう。

Greg Hopkinsについての詳しい情報はこちら↓



“싸이코패스 내 동생” 그리고 버클리 영화음악과- “My Sister, the Psychopath” and Berklee Film Scoring

2010년 2월 18일, 버클리 Learning center 에서

힌편의 영화가 상영됬다. “싸이코 패스 내 동생”-“My sister, the psychopath”

흥미로운 인디영화 제작 발표회였다.

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