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James the Intern

From the Intern’s Desk: Practice Journal

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently working on custom practice materials for the PULSE Practice Journal. The Practice Journal is an array of documents that help with keeping an organized and efficient practice routine, as well as resources to help with notation and performance.

Here are some sample guides from the Practice Journal.

Try ’em out let us know what you think!

Practice Tips and Techniques

Monthly Practice Log

Violin Fingering Chart

Drumset Legend

Young Guitarist from Lawrence Music Clubhouse

Here’s a video I shot of  Wilfredo Gomez playing an Eddie Van Halen guitar solo, during my trip to the Lawrence Music Clubhouse a few weeks ago.

Warning: Some face-melting may occur.

From The Intern Desk: Speaking on Camera

I recently attended another shoot with the PULSE video team for City Music’s On-Camera Interview and Public Speaking Skills workshop.

The idea was to put some City Music kids in front of lights and a camera, perform a mock interview, then talk about their performance and public speaking skills. Nora (a fellow PULSE intern) and I broke the ice by opting to get interviewed first.

Here are some clips from their interviews:

If you’re trying to pursue a music career of any sort, chances are you’ll need to be able to talk to an audience, whether its prepared or totally impromptu. You never know when an opportunity will arise and you’ll need to make an impression on someone, so we put the City Music kids on the spot and made them talk about themselves, their background in music and what it means in their lives.

From the Interns Desk: My Trip to Lawrence Music Clubhouse

Last Monday I took a field trip to the Lawrence Music Clubhouse to hang out with the teachers there, talk about PULSE, and check out the learning environment. I spent some time sitting in on lessons, meeting the students and giving some PULSE demos. The LMC is a fantastic community space for kids to sign up for free music lessons.

Sarah Fylak, a teacher at the clubhouse, is a good friend of mine through our music program at Northeastern University, and like myself she is currently interning through Northeastern’s Co-op program.

Sarah and I also play in a band called Asyna Asayn and are continuously working to develop and maintain our start-up record label, Psychedelevator Records. It was through complete coincidence that our respective choices in Co-op jobs happened to be related organizations. Through the clubhouse Sarah and I met Jon Grabowski, another teacher and coordinator there, who now plays drums with Asyna Asayn.

The Lawrence Music Clubhouse is a great space for music education and there’s clearly a lot of young talent growing there.

My Internship at Berklee PULSE

If you’ve been following the PULSE blog, you may be wondering Who is this intern guy, and why do I care?”

Well I can answer the first question at least.

In the beginning of January I started my internship with Berklee PULSE to fulfill my Experiential Learning requirement for Northeastern University. Erin Genett, PULSE’s Information Architect, offered me the position after having taught my Hypermedia class at Northeastern, where I’m a music technology and multimedia studies dual major.

When I’m not working at PULSE, I’m usually playing guitar or bass in one of my four bands and maintaining the website for our net-label,

It’s actually quite surprising how similar my work here at PULSE is to what I do at Psychedelevator.

I began both in early January and have found myself constantly using things I’ve learned about web design and social media at PULSE when I work on Psychedelevator.

At PULSE, I’m the go-to guy for general multimedia tasks including content updates to the PULSE website, editing sound and video materials and now, keeping this blog!  So until June I’ll be keeping you posted with the beat around Berklee PULSE.

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