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J Dilla

In the Brooklyn area? Check out the J Dilla Ensemble in action.

Tomorrow (July 10, 2010), Berklee’s own J Dilla Ensemble will take the stage at the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival. The festival takes the cake as the largest hip-hop cultural gathering in the NYC area; last year, the festival drew over 8,000 people. The ensemble is performing from 3:00 p.m. -3:25 p.m. and will also perform between other artists’ sets from noon-2:45 p.m.

A few weeks ago, I caught up with the ensemble’s faculty advisor, Brian ‘Raydar’ Ellis, and even got some of their rehearsal on tape.

Two students in the group, Taylor Gordon and Dane Orr, were also kind enough to let me catch them on the flip cam, too.

(View all the videos in one place after the jump.)

Anyone Brooklyn-bound this weekend should check out the ensemble for a show that’s not to be missed!

Student Dane Orr Interview

Student Taylor Gordon Interview

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Sneak Peek: J Dilla Ensemble Rehearsal

Hello, I’m Liz Burg, one of Berklee’s newest staff members. Earlier this week, I caught up with Berklee’s J Dilla Ensemble as they rehearse for their upcoming performances at the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival. Yes, you read that correctly; in a matter of days, Berklee’s own J Dilla Ensemble is taking center stage at what promises to be one of the largest cultural gatherings of the hip-hop community (last year’s festival drew over 8000 people!).

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