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Video from Istanbul: jam session and more

Berklee student Emir Cerman, percussionist and film scoring major, talks about how Berklee’s audition & interview (A&I) events came to Istanbul.


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Trombone, piano, and…laptop? Stephen Croes on the auditions

Stephen Croes, Dean of the Music Technology Division, talks about the auditions and the music and culture of Istanbul.

“I think the thing that stands out about the musicians we’ve auditioned [in Istanbul] is the enormous diversity.  There was a woman who’s got a degree in opera, who came in and sang an aria. It was very well done, a young woman of 21.  Some people sang classic American jazz standards with a certain edge of pronunciation that’s distinctly Turkish, and it grabs your attention.  

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60+ musicians audition in Istanbul

The audition roster – 30 people per day for two days – had been filled before the Berklee team arrived in Istanbul, mostly with musicians from Istanbul and nearby towns, but a few were from as far away as Bahrain and Azerbaijan.  The clinics and audition prep sessions the previous days caused interest to spike further and many put their names on a waiting list in the hopes of coming by an open slot.

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Istanbul A&I day two: a snapshot (er, snapshots…)

Yesterday was a busy day all around at the A&I events in Istanbul. Berklee student Emir Cerman, who worked with Jason Camelio in International Programs for a year to bring the auditions to Istanbul, kicked-off the day with a presentation about student life at Berklee.  

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Musicians in Istanbul get a crash course in auditioning

A newer component of the international Audition and Interview (A&I) events, the Preparing for An Audition clinic is exactly what it sounds like, a crash course on what to expect in the audition room.

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