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When LA and NYC Came to Valencia – Re:Tool 2012

2012retoolgroup1cropBy: Jason Camelio, director of international programs

There was a new sound echoing in the halls of the Berklee Valencia campus this weekend. First you felt the kick. Then you heard the snare. The bass hit you in the your gut and made you want to move. Rhymes flew by at light speed with tasty turntable fills and horn and synth lines filling the air. As you peeked through the doorway of B-81, Needle-Juice, Raydar, The One and Kai are “holding forth” in an epic scene that brings world class producers, DJ, MCs, composers, electronic artists together from Los Angeles, New York and Boston to teach a group of students from 13 countries to learn the craft of utilizing music technology in production and live performance.

For me, this is a long time coming. I have had the amazing fortune of knowing, listening to, learning from and performing with these amazing teachers and musicians. Having traveled with them separately to many places around the world, I thought it would be incredibly hip to bring them all together for the first time at the new campus in Valencia, Spain. Let me introduce this amazing crew of the 2012 Re:Tool program.

• Professor of Music Production and Engineering Stephen Webber (aka Needle Juice)
• Berklee Alum, Faculty Member in the Ensemble and Songwriter Departments and Artist in New York City Brian Ellis (aka Raydar)
• Berklee Alum, Assistant Professor of Electronic Production and Design Kai Turnbull
• Grammy Award Winner Producer, Berklee Alum and Artist based in Los Angeles Dawaun Parker (aka The One)
2012retooldemoThe experience levels of the students in the program have run the gamut for those just beginning to approach the world of technology in music to those that are working a DJs and electronic musicians. The students have been treated to an amazing series of lectures, master classes and a faculty showcase. The topics ranged from Listen Like a Producer to the Art of the DJ to production master classes where the faculty members listen too and critiqued student works. Stephen Webber also show a pre-pre-premiere of his truly innovative Stylus Symphony. Additionally, the attendees had the chance to get their hands dirty with some amazing new gear — both analogue and digital.  Huge thanks goes to Stephen for working closely with Berklee Alum Tony Lamond and everyone at Numark-Alesis-Akai for sponsoring the program.


Raydar Ellis, Stephen Webber, Dawaun Parker, Jason Camelio, Carlos Ballester, Greg Badolato and Kai Turnbull (not in picture Sam Skau) - 2012 Re:Tool Crew.

Re:Tool is the last in the series of 4 programs produced by the Office of International Programs with the help of our colleagues in the Office of Summer Programs at the new campus in Valencia this summer. Most gracious thanks to all of the faculty members, artists and staff members that supported this event. It has been an amazingly collaborative experience.

Keep your eyes open for more International Programs coming up later this summer, fall and next spring. A few things are on the books, including Hong Kong, Helsinki and Sao Paulo. As detailed come available, we will blast them out. Be sure to connect with is on Facebook.”

Hip-Hop and R&B Event – Los Angeles

L-R Dawaun Parker, Makeba Riddick, Keith Harris & Carl Beatty (Chief of Staff - Berklee)

February 2012 – Berklee Los Angeles alumni gathered in the cathedral room at the Village Studios to listen to heavy-hitting Grammy winners Makeba Riddick, Dawaun Parker and Keith Harris speak about everything from artist management, to hit songs, to their career paths and aspirations. If anything was front and center during the 2-hour event, it was as Keith Harris put it…

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Marco Angelone: Closing Thoughts

Berklee Blogs follows Marco Angelone, an international student from Milan, Italy as he continues his internship started last summer through Berklee at Notable Productions

My internship has been very meaningful to me. An internship is by definition an official or formal program that provides practical experience for beginners in an occupation or profession; and for me it was more than that.

My internship was at Notable Productions, located in Watertown, MA. Notable Productions is a recording studio built inside a house. The owner is Daniel Cantor who is a great drummer, writer, engineer and producer; I met him for the first time this past June when I went for my interview. I was impressed because I had never before seen a professional recording studio built in someone’s house and I thought right away: “This man realized his dream, founding his own recording studio inside his own private house”.

So my internship hasn’t been just an internship, but a life experience full of different situations where you need to be flexible and professional. Honestly, there were situations where I was kind of lost and afraid to do the wrong thing, but Dan and his co-workers have always been comprehensive with me and other interns. When I think back to the spring semester of 2011, I remember that I didn’t know what an internship was and I thought: “It’s probably something challenging that I am not able to do.” Of course this was the worst approach that I could have for something new; but thanks to the staff at the Office of Experiential Learning and at the Career Development Center, I started the process to apply for an internship.

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Marco Angelone: Final Days

Berklee Blogs follows Marco Angelone, an international student from Milan, Italy as he continues his internship started last summer through Berklee at Notable Productions

Hello Everyone.

Finals are coming pretty fast and everybody is busy. Last week at Notable Productions, I was focusing on editing a song from Africa and I wrote a possible bass line since the original was missing in the pro tools session and we couldn’t find it. This work was actually pretty fun when it came to the writing process and I enjoyed finding a bass line for the song.

I also assisted Chris, Dan’s co-worker, in tuning some vocals in Melodyne for a beautiful project called “Rockstars for Life”. From my understanding, this project is from an organization that helps children and teenagers with terminal disease and cancer record their own songs in a recording studio. And in this particular case I guess Daniel Cantor is going to be the mixing engineer and co-producer.

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Marco Angelone: Video Projects and Tech Support

Berklee Blogs follows Marco Angelone, an international student from Milan, Italy as he continues his internship started last summer through Berklee at Notable Productions

Here at Notable Productions, we are involved in many different kinds of projects and in the past two weeks, among many other things (like mixing, naming cables, storing data) we’ve been working on a live recording for an Opera singer named Suzanne. So Dan and Ryan, another intern, recorded a live performance of hers along with video from two cameras.

Suzanne told us this recording was for an audition at an Opera school she is applying for, which requires a video presentation as part of the audition. Our goal was to mix the audio recording onto the video footage and we decided to use Final cut pro X for this. My task was to import, edit and divide those videos of the performance and mark beginning and end points of songs. Then take on the bigger task of matching the audio to the independent videos that we got from the video cameras.

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