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high school jazz festival

Christian Scott sits down with

Recently, Edison prize-winner and Grammy-nominated jazz trumpeter Christian Scott visited his alma mater for a clinic, a concert, and an interview with Berklee’s new site, an outgrowth of the Berklee High School Jazz Festival.

Christian accomplished an impressive feat of academics at Berklee, completing two degrees in just two years, largely due to his intensive high school education at New Orleans Center of Creative Arts (NOCCA).

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Preparing for the Berklee Jazz Festival

Last week I dropped in on Marty Walsh and the Berklee City Music Rock ensemble preparing for their debut performance at Berklee’s annual High School Jazz Festival. They were energized and ready to rock… I have the ring in my ears to prove it 🙂

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Berklee High School Jazz Festival Highlites!

Check it out!  The Berklee High School Jazz Festival is the longest running High School Jazz Festival of its kind and we had some fantastic talent grace the rooms of Boston’s Hynes Convention Center Saturday, March 13th.  Here’s just a taste of the future of jazz…

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