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Gracie Finnigan-Fox

Life After Berklee – Moving In

In her second post, Gracie Finningan-Fox cover some important issues about her move to LA – Fleas, Scientologists, and Getting Down with the Bassist from The Stones!

Now then. Where did I leave off? Oh yes, my arrival in Los Angeles and subsequent multi-million dollar record deal,  five star album review in The Rolling Stone, and passionate proposals of marriage from Ryan Reynolds, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and (insert hunky actor/musician here)…ahh yes. Things were truly looking up…what’s that? You’re skeptical, you say? You want the truth? Oh fine, have it your way. Although the Ryan Reynolds version is much more appealing, in my opinion…

Anthony and I arrived in LA on November 7th, 2010, somewhere in the ballpark of 5:30 pm. If you’ve ever been on a Los Angeles freeway at sunset, you know that it is a magical place. The low rumble of car motors, like a thousand angry bees (if bees vomited tons of toxins into the air), the gentle rocking of your car as the gentleman behind you taps your bumper for the umpteenth time (Dude, seriously…what part of NOBODY IS MOVING do you not understand?!), the not-so-occasional profanity traded generously between drivers…truly, a spectacle to behold.

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Life After Berklee – Growing Pains

Gracie Finnigan-Fox, a 22 year-old Berklee graduate, tells a funny and heart felt story about her immediate life post Berklee. Fox studied Pro Music and now teaches and performs in the land of palm trees – Los Angeles.

My post-grad plan was to pack up the scant belongings I possess and head out to that magical, musical land of Los Angeles. The details of what would happen once I got there were a bit fuzzy in my mind, but I was confident that I could figure it out when the time came.

Of course, life never complies with the plans we so carefully lay, and on May 8th, 2010, I found myself wearing a robe and cap, clutching a diploma and feeling overwhelmed with exhaustion. So instead of jetting straight from Boston to LA, as I had planned, I wound up moving south for the summer to live with my boyfriend and waitress at a rib joint. However, the novelty of doing very little soon wore off and by August, we were cramming our car with suitcases and preparing to trek out to Los Angeles.  To say that the subsequent road trip was a disaster would be an understatement—in the two months we spent traveling, like a pair of characters from On The Road, up to New York, through the mid-West, and over to California, we were robbed of all of our clothes (odd), broke a car window, hit a deer, and totaled the car. We were also close to broke when we reached our destination.

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