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Berklee’s SXSW Party at Lucky Lounge in photos

Back from SXSW in Austin, where Berklee hosted three events again this year. The thirteen alumni and student bands who played at Berklee’s parties made their mark among the dozens of alumni bands performing at shows and parties around Austin last week (who were in turn among 2,000 plus (!) bands playing at the 25th Anniversary of SXSW.

We had a good turnout at Off the Record at the Lucky Lounge (St. Patrick’s Day no less) and possibly our biggest crowd yet at Friends on 6th St. the following day for Berklee’s 6th Annual Official SXSW Party. The club counted nearly 750 people during the course of the day.

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Beantown Jazzfest ’10

Each year students, locals and tourists all gather along Columbus Ave. to satisfy their wide range of musical palettes; and each year the Berklee Beantown Jazzfest delivers.  On September 25th from noon until 6 P.M., Columbus Ave. was alive with rhythm and blues.  The sun was beating down, the street was packed from side to side, and bands were cutting fierce on stages all over.

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The Bad Plus Clinic and Concert

September 17, 2010 – Berklee Performance Center

1:00 PM – The Clinic

One of the biggest treats of being a student at Berklee is getting to attend exclusive artist clinics – and the Bad Plus clinic was no exception. I had never seen The Bad Plus perform live, so I was especially excited for the beginning of the clinic when the members of The Bad Plus — Ethan Iverson on piano, Reid Anderson on bass, and David King on drums — entered the stage to huge applause and then began to play two original tunes. The combination of synchronization and yet total individuality among the members was probably the most striking feature of the group. Every member functioned as a feature instrumentalist as well as a traditional rhythm section member, as if riding the chord structure and rhythmic meter like a wave while intermittently providing the rhythmic and melodic foundation. The overall effect was intense, flirting with chaotic while never running off the rails. Essentially, very rock and roll.

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Banjo Rash – Berklee at the Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival

Berklee Assistant VP for Public Information Rob Hayes writes from the Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival with Berklee’s Roots Music Roadshow in New York last weekend. (Read the official press release here.)

They were pleased to be asked, and even happier to play — 14 students comprising Berklee’s Roots Music Roadshow hit the Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival, the weekend of July 16.

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In the Brooklyn area? Check out the J Dilla Ensemble in action.

Tomorrow (July 10, 2010), Berklee’s own J Dilla Ensemble will take the stage at the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival. The festival takes the cake as the largest hip-hop cultural gathering in the NYC area; last year, the festival drew over 8,000 people. The ensemble is performing from 3:00 p.m. -3:25 p.m. and will also perform between other artists’ sets from noon-2:45 p.m.

A few weeks ago, I caught up with the ensemble’s faculty advisor, Brian ‘Raydar’ Ellis, and even got some of their rehearsal on tape.

Two students in the group, Taylor Gordon and Dane Orr, were also kind enough to let me catch them on the flip cam, too.

(View all the videos in one place after the jump.)

Anyone Brooklyn-bound this weekend should check out the ensemble for a show that’s not to be missed!

Student Dane Orr Interview

Student Taylor Gordon Interview

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