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Don Gorder

Music Business Seminar – Don Gorder on the US Music Industry’s Trudge to Modernization (Pre 1972 – 2014)

Students Alex Foing and Megan Himel from the global entertainment and music business master’s program reflect upon the fourth of the Music Business Seminars, where they had the chance to listen to Don Gorder discuss the changes in the US music industry.

Since the dawn of time, the relationship between art and commerce has often seen troubled waters. We have gone through format changes, evolving paradigms, local to global, bottom to top, and from analog to digital. But in our era of digital consumption, there will always be two prevailing mechanisms that help steer the industry’s course: Legislation (the ability to protect and exploit ownership) and Technology (the vehicle used for distributing, sharing and monitoring). As long as the economics of art force it to be monetized, these two guardians will hold the power to bring about the industry’s flourishing or demise.

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The Business of Music in Cape Town

The applause roared from the closed doors of The Fugard Theater on Friday morning as Mike Stern and Dave Weckl wrapped up their clinic as part of the Training and Development program at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival.  Participants streamed out in the theater lobby for a brief recess, but just as quickly returned when the announcement for the music business lecture was announced.

Throughout the week, we have spoken with everyone from music promoters, ministry of arts and culture and education officials to interns assisting with the festival to musicians traveling from as far away as Kenya, Mozambique and Nigeria.  There is a general recognition of the high level of musical talent in Cape Town, South Africa and Africa as a whole.  There is also a desire for careers in music to be seen a viable pathways for these musicians.  It is with this understanding that director of training and development Craig Parks choose to have a focus on the business of music.  And this is why we asked founder and chair of music business and management Don Gorder to make the trip to Cape Town with us this year.

Business Clinic 2012 CTIJF

Don Gorder sets the historical stage during his music business lecture in Cape Town.

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Business—not as usual

One of my favorite parts of the Berklee in L.A. program is the music business panel that Don Gorder, Chair of the Music Business department, coordinates. On Tuesday night, five Berklee alumni who work in the music industry volunteered their time to come and talk to students about how to start their careers. They offered great advice for young musicians.

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