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Daisy Chen is a sixth semester Berklee student, she is from Shanghai, China. She is a voice principle,Bloggers_chenmusic business and performance dual major student.







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Improvising Global Connections

By Jason Camelio, director of international programs.

Art of Improvisation Global Connection

Lollapalooza - Brazil award winner Sarah Messias and Ipshita Roy from India hang with Rick Peckham after the Art of Improvisation afternoon master class.

The afternoon session at the end of the first day of the Art of Improvisation: Blues and Jazz program was coming to an end. As the room began to clear an oddly familiar — in the land of Berklee — event took place. Two young women were having a discussion with assistant chair of the guitar department, Rick Peckham. This is fairly common. It gets interesting when you learn about the two talented musicians speaking with Rick.

First, we have a young Brazilian Blues vocalist and harp player Sarah Messias. Sarah is the winner of the 2012 Lollapalooza – Brazil Scholarship. The award affords her the chance to attend the Art of Improvisation program at no cost! Her peer is also a talented young Blues vocalist from India, Ipshita Roy. Both musicians are enjoying some level of musical success in their home countries. Both have traveled a great distance to the new campus in Valencia to make this connection.

For some, this would be the makings a fine Odd Couples sequel. But, for those of us at Berklee it is just another day in the classroom. The exceptions being that these two musicians totally ROCKED it during the afternoon master class. 

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Berklee Launches New Summer Program Series in Valencia

The Office of International Programs, in conjunction with Summer Programs, is excited to announce a new series of special programs to be conducted at our new campus in Valencia, Spain.  The programs will kick off this July and cover a range of musical topics.

Berklee’s Office of International Programs is known for traveling the globe to conduct music education programming at our partner institutions, world-class music festivals and prime hot spots of various music traditions.  With the opening of the Valencia campus at the Palau de les Artes Reina Sofia in Valencia, Spain, we now have an amazing location in Europe to host our excellent educational programs. 

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Maria Schneider Clinic & Special Class


本日は先月末に行われた、今をときめくJazz Composer/ArrangerのMaria Schneiderによるクリニックおよび、今週火曜日にMariaが僕も含めてたった10人程度のJazz Composition 2のクラスにやってきた時の様子をお伝えします!


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Non-Linear Music – Asa Gray, Intern

There is a rapidly growing number of composers who want to make their living in the video game industry. Writing music for interactive media is a thrilling task. The possibilities for creative expression are literally limitless, and video games are basically the coolest thing since fireball throwing ninjas. The bad news for composers is that the game industry, while growing, is already pretty saturated with composers eager to hear their music over images of said ninjas. To stay competitive it’s wise to acquire other skills relevant to the medium. The most closely related skill is sound design, but a proper education in sound design during your fourth year as a film scoring major can be elusive.

Interning at the non-profit interactive media developer Public VR, I am tasked with creating full soundscapes for the company’s projects. I have been able to develop my passion for composing non-linear music, and to learn sound design by actually creating sound effects and placing them in a virtual world. I’ve found that composition leads naturally into sound design. The instruments are different, but the process of imagining sounds and making them appear in your DAW of choice is largely the same. The level of expression that can be achieved in the absence of clear pitch and metric rhythms is remarkable. What’s more, as both composer and sound designer, I am able to build a cohesive sonic atmosphere, and avoid having to suffer the pain of seeing my music turned down while the sound effects get cranked to 11. The music and sound effects can support each other at a reasonable volume.

Music and sound effects are becoming inseparable art forms. Together they immerse the player in a virtual world, they drive the gameplay forward, or they make a game unpleasant and unplayable. If you want to make great game music, it’s best to know how to make great effects.


Asa Gray is a 7th semester Film Scoring and Composition dual major, currently interning with Public VR. You can contact Asa at: asa dot gray at gmail dot com.

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