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Interning at MuMo Productions

This summer I am interning at Music and Motion (MuMo) Productions in Venice, California. Music and Motion Productions was founded by Berklee alumni Lucas Vidal and Steve Dzialowski. Lucas is a film composer and Steve works on the business end of things. MuMo is a full-service music production company that specializes in film and commercial scoring as well as music supervision and much more. Within Mumo there is also a music library called Chroma, which provides music for film campaigns, advertisements, video games, and TV promos. MuMo and Chroma are housed inside of a three-story building that also hosts a number of other composers and producers. What makes this internship unique is that I have the opportunity to sit in with many of the composers and producers that work in the building.

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네이버 버클리 공식 블로그 출범! – Official Berklee Naver Blog

Post by student blogger, Christina Lee, International Admissions Online Ambassador of Berklee College of Music.

한국인이라면 누구나 컴퓨터 할때 한번쯤은 들어갈 포털사이트 네이버. 여러분도 모두 친숙하시죠? 네이버에 ‘버클리 음대’를 검색하면 다양한 정보들과 함께 근거없는 루머나 잘못된 정보들도 함께 쏟아져 나오는데요. 

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Thoughts From A New Student – Midterms

Last time I recorded a video blog, I was in L.A. for a summer internship with Film Composer, Deane Ogden. Now, I’m at my dream school, preparing for midterms! I can hardly believe it! Take a look at the video for more details!

To read the article I mentioned in this video about my “Artistry, Creativity, and Inquiry” class, click here.

– Elisa

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