Once upon a time Berklee was a jazz school. And while jazz is still alive and well in our community, we’ve come a long way since, and these days our alumni are doing amazing things in R&B, hip-hop, electronic, indie-rock–you name it! Our 5th annual CMJ Music Marathon Showcase was a great example of this, pulling in alumni acts from Boston and beyond. Check out videos below of Endangered Speeches, Sarah RabDAU & Self-Employed Assassins, and Bleu and see more of all our showcase acts on our YouTube Channel.

Endangered Speeches, a 13-member hip-hop/reggae ensemble, fronted by Greek MC, singer, and Berklee alumna Mariletta Konstantara, and featuring other alumni members from around the globe:

Sarah RabDAU & Self-Employed Assassins, transcendent piano-based indie-rock from Boston, MA, featuring Berklee alums Matt Graber on drums and Peter Moore on keys and vocals:

Bleu, pop artist, professional songwriter, and producer, who’s been hugely involved with the school since he left, giving clinics and concerts for students on campus:

Stay tuned for more videos of our student acts and other performers!