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Tag: “Berklee Valencia” “Global Studies” “Kelvin Killmon” “Student experience”

“Berklee Valencia” “Global Studies” “Kelvin Killmon” “Student experience”

Quick Fallas update from Global Studies program student Kelvin Killmon

Our campus at The Palau is one of the most breathtaking and beautiful places I have had the privilege to work in, but for some reason every time I go inside recently it feels like the world suddenly turns black and white…

Kelvin Killmon

Why? FALLAS is Beginning Right Outside!!!

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Valencia 2012: First sparks of Fallas by Kelvin Killmon

We have all been invited to perform for the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium in May! It’s a tremendous honor, and I am so excited for our trip!

Now, back to the latest news from Valencia:

Every day is a little louder here in Valencia since the Fallera Mayor announced the beginning of the Fallas festival; fireworks shot up from the Serrano towers and the Turia riverbed, as acrobats suspended from cranes played drums high above the crowd.

Kevin Killmon blog - Fallas Fireworks

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