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Riezebeek & Five-Week: gearing up for a second year

Andrew Riezebeek will be attending Five-Week for the second time this summer.

Hey Berklee fans! Here is the last blog for you before the Five-Week finally starts. I am really stoked and cannot wait to be a part of this very unique experience once again. I have been doing a lot of things to get myself prepared and it has been a great time. Here is what I have been up to lately!

First of all, I started preparing my audition piece. I chose to play a sax solo on the guitar. I really like the way saxophone phrases and concepts translate to the guitar so I went ahead and challenged myself. The specific solo I am working on is an amazing sax solo in the tune “Run For It” by Charlie Hunter. This track has such a great feel and groove to it and the solo in the song really blew my mind.

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Catching up with Five-Week student Andrew Riezebeek

Last fall, 15 year old guitarist from the Netherlands, Andrew Riezebeek, blogged about his experience at the 2009 Five-Week Summer Performance Program and Guitar Sessions.  In this post, Riezebeek shares with us his music projects as he prepares for Five-Week this coming summer.

Hey Berklee fans and students! Here’s another post for you guys and girls coming straight from Amsterdam!

I have been doing a ton musically and all of my recent experiences have been really important to get prepared for the Five-Week Performance Program 2010.

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Networking: The cornerstone of a musician’s career

Get the most out of Five-Week and summer programs:  Network!

It seems in today’s world people are more connected than ever.  Websites such as Facebook and Myspace are allowing people to stay in touch all over the world.

For musicians, this is a very very good thing.  Why?  Because in the music business, success relies largely on who you know.  Learning the art of Networking (i.e. meeting people and exchanging contact information) is vital to establishing and maintaining your career.

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Broaden your horizons: Learn new styles

Applying to Summer Programs? Deciding which style of music to study?  Read on!

Looking for new inspiration or a new sound?  Try a new music style this summer.

Try a new music style this summer.

As an aspiring musician, you’ve probably been told by your teachers to listen to as much music as possible. I’m going to take that lesson one step further and suggest that you check out as many styles as possible. There are two reasons for this: inspiration and increased career opportunities.

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Prepare for Summer Programs! Achieve success in your practice routine

Hi everyone, my name is Jeff Muzerolle and I’m a professional musician/producer/educator in the Boston area.  I’m also a Berklee alum (class of ’99) and well acquainted with the Berklee experience. I’ve spent the last decade of my life establishing a successful career touring, recording, producing and educating. I also wrote an e-book on career building. If you’re a drummer, I invite you to check it out at

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