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Berklee Scholarships

2012 Berklee in Puerto Rico – Faculty Announced

Berklee will once again return to San Juan for the 17th annual Berklee in Puerto Rico Program.  Berklee in Puerto Rico is made possible with generous support from Berklee alumnus and Trustee Luis Alvarez ’83, vice president of Mendez & Company, Inc., and executive producer of the Puerto Rico Heineken JazzFest. In addition to helping coordinate the program, Alvarez and his corporation will donate $10,000 for the Mendez & Co. — Puerto Rico Heineken JazzFest Scholarship to be awarded at the end of the program.

BOR PR 2012 Faculty

2012 Berklee in Puerto Rico Faculty Members

We are happy to announce the list of high profile faculty members that will be teaching at the program.  This includes;

• Greg Badolato (woodwinds and strings), assistant vice president for international programs,
• Eguie Castrillo (percussion), associate professor of percussion,
• Jason Camelio (special lectures), director of international programs,
• Ken Cervenka (brass), professor of brass,
• Rick Peckham (guitar), assistant chair of guitar,
• Bob Pilkington (harmony and big band), professor of jazz composition,
• Casey Scheuerull (drum set), professor of percussion,
• Oscar Stagnaro (bass), professor of bass,
• Carolyn Wilkins (piano), professor of ensembles, and
• Darcel Wilson (voice), instructor of ear training
(Please note that this list is subject to change)

Click here for more details and to apply for the 2012 Berklee in Puerto Rico program.

BCMN 5-Week Scholar VLOG Episode 1: Welcome

From coast to coast, Berklee City Music Network Sites have sent students to attend this summers 5-Week program in Boston, Massachusetts.

Tune in to the first episode of our 5-Week Scholar VLOG (video blog) series as we feature drummer David “Kofi” Williams from Richmond, CA and Gabriela Cabezas from New York, NY.

Five-Week Summer Program Students are ‘Shipping Up to BOSTON’

Valley Student Earns Prestigious Music Scholarship:

We are all very excited for Isabella Perrino and all of the other outstanding students who have been accepted to the Five-Week Summer Program at the Berklee College of Music here in Boston. Check out the video of Isabella on the local news in Phoenix, AZ as she talks about her time at the Phoenix Conservatory of Music and her preparation to  and read more here!

The snare drum rolls in Clarksdale for the summer scholarship applicants

From left: Kyleen Thomas and Paula Thompson, Delta Blues Museum Arts & Education Program students.

I can’t imagine what the two young women have been thinking since their scholarship auditions at the Delta Blues Museum on Thursday.  Jacquline Gooch and Paula Thompson, students from the Delta Blues Museum’s Arts & Education Program, were both outstanding.  Gooch, 19, accompanied herself on a guitar with a sliver of worn wood below the sound hole that looked like a scar.  I imagined the hours she’s played her instrument, writing her own songs and learning others.  Thompson, 15, stood with the microphone in hand and sang for a small audience of family and museum staffers.  Kyleen Thomas, 12, another museum student, played bass while instructor Daddy Rich played guitar for Thompson.  Rich, museum gift shop manager Chris Coleman, Berklee professor Lenny Stallworth and I judged the two singers and multi instrumentalists.  It’s hard to choose one of them when there are two talented and deserving hopefuls.

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Guillermo Marin blog 2 (Story of a S.G.A.E winner)

Guillermo Marin


Estoy emocionado este semestre. He declarado mi Double Major, en MP&E (Music Production and Engineering) y CWP (Contemporary Writing and Production) y no puedo estar con más ganas. Precisamente hoy estoy estrenando el Bundle de programas que nos obligan a comprar al declarar el major, que es diferente según la especialidad que elijas, y realmente es increíble la cantidad de juguetes nuevos que tengo para experimentar. Estoy como un niño chico con sus regalos de navidad.

Las clases han empezado muy bien aunque noto mucha diferencia en cuanto a la intensidad con el primer semestre. Mucho trabajo en casa pero también es verdad que al ser ya casi todo de asignaturas de la especialidad, el trabajo es mucho más agradable.

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