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Berklee Orchestra

Film Scoring Student Compositions Come to Life with the Berklee Contemporary Symphony Orchestra!

After a wonderful concert at Jordan Hall two weeks ago, the Berklee Contemporary Symphony Orchestra is continuing to rehearse but in a very different manner. At the end of every semester, the orchestra rehearses two extra weeks to give Film Scoring and Composition students the opportunity to come in and conduct their original pieces live. Last week we had the privilege of having six very talented Film-scoring majors who were chosen individually by the Film Scoring faculty, come in to conduct their pieces. One of the biggest complaints that composers have is that they are unable to have their pieces played by live players very often. There’s only so much satisfaction and learning a person can do hearing their music played with MIDI instruments. It’s extremely beneficial to hear exactly what the notes on the page sound like with real, live players. So this was exciting for both the players and the composers! The orchestra loves playing new music by their peers; it is really inspiring to hear what your friends are writing while the composers had such a good time working with the orchestra and hearing their music come to life!

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Do you know what the hottest news is in Berklee’s String Department?

I bet you don’t, so in the next 90 seconds of your life, I’ll show you a group of musicians who are not afraid to step outside of the box – creative string players.

Next time you see a person carrying a string instrument case at Berklee, ask what music they play.  Believe it or not, rock, blues, latin, folk, R&B, country, blugrass, Irish, African, Middle Eastern, Indian and even jazz will be among their answers!  Despite the classical heritage of these instruments, they are able to perform a variety of musical styles at Berklee, without feeling taboo.

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유진 프리즌 (Eugene Friesen)의 Jazz/World String Orchestra

11월의 어느날

버클리 Jazz/World 오케스트라 콘서트를 보기위해

T를 타고 Park Street에 갔습니다. 특이하게 학교가 아닌

세인트 폴 이란 성당에서 콘서트를 했었는데요, 색다른 경험이였습니다.

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