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Berklee on the Road

Berklee in São Paulo – Olá from our first On the Road in Brazil!

Post authored by Amanda Gouldthorpe, assistant director for Office of International Programs

“Bom dia” from the warm and welcoming campus of our BIN partner the Conservatório Musical Souza Lima in São Paulo, Brazil, hosts of the first-ever Berklee on the Road in Brazil! The Berklee in São Paulo: Art of Improvisation – Blues and Jazz program kicked off yesterday, with 70 students attending seminars and master classes in this four-day program.

Featuring Berklee faculty Fernando Huergo, George Russell, Jr. and Casey Scheuerell, and Souza Lima faculty Lupa Santiago (also Souza Lima’s vice director, and a Berklee alum) and Guilherme Ribeiro, the program gives students a taste of the Berklee and Souza Lima experience. The Office of International Programs‘ “On the Road” program model is designed to promote educational exchange and provide students with an insight into what our institution is all about, in addition to giving them the opportunity to learn from our first-class faculty and to make new musical connections.

We are very pleased to have Berklee’s vice president of Global Initiatives/executive director of Berklee Valencia, Guillermo Cisneros, here with us to kick off the program. And as I’ve already mentioned, we’ve received the most wonderful welcome from the team here at Souza Lima. Director Antonio Mário da Silva Cunha, with the support of Cristiane Cunha and the fantastic staff here, have gone above and beyond not only to make the program run without a hitch, but to make us feel at ease – which isn’t hard, in such an open environment full of music and energy at every turn.

The program will be followed by two days of Berklee Auditions & Interviews here at Souza Lima, with additional A&I happening in Rio de Janeiro at the end of the month ( Check out photos from the Berklee on the Road event here:

Here Is What $1 Million Looks Like in Puerto Rico

By: Jason Camelio, Director of International Programs

We have closed out another year at Berklee in Puerto Rico. The final concert, held on Sunday, June 3rd showcased the fine talent and hard work of the students and the faculty members from the week-long program. In just over 4-hours, 16 bands performed dozens of pieces of music running the stylistic gamut. From small group jazz and rock to the hair-raising large jazz orchestra and choirs, the show was a fantastic success. Huge thanks goes out to Carolyn Wilkins, Darcel Wilson, Greg Badolato, Eguie Castrillo, Ken Cervenka, Rick Peckham, Bob, Pilkington and Casey Scheuerell.

As a result of the work of the Berklee faculty members in Puerto Rico for the past 17-years, we have seen a steady rise in the level of skill and musicianship in the young students here. This increase in talent has made it possible for more and more students to continue their studies at Berklee as full-time students. From Miguel Zenon and Ruben Amador to Nannette Velez and Carlos Ayala to Kalani Trinidad and Edmar Colon…the list will go on and on. Special thanks goes to trustee and Berklee alum Luis Alvarez for his support of this event, Larry Monroe and Greg Badolato for their dedication to the program over these years and to Joey Sala for all the work he does to help us pull off a successful program year after year.

And with the close of each Berklee in Puerto Rico program we have an awards ceremony. The awards include Berklee Online courses, awards from the Conservatorio de Artes del Caribe, 5 Week Summer Performance Program Scholarships and awards towards Full-Time Study. For the past few years, we been conducting auditions and interviews (A&I) at the program in order to assist students on their path to Berklee. The first year that we conducted A&I at the program, we were able to jump from awarding $70,000 in partial tuition scholarships based on only nominations from faculty members to approximately $300,000 based on the A&I — which allows for acceptance consideration to the college and higher scholarship award potential. Last year, we cleared the $700,000 mark. This year, we have hit a major watershed. With the level of talent at a steady rise, it was inevitable. This year the director of scholarships Tod Oliviere was excited to announce that the total amount of awards being made to Berklee’s programs in Boston exceed $1 million dollars.

2012 Berklee in Puerto Rico Scholarship Winners

So, here is what $1 million dollars looks like. Congratulations!

Following the Path Through Berklee in Puerto Rico

By: Jason Camelio, Director of International Programs

Carlos plays cuatro. He’s 12-years old. He just got back from Cuba, where he was playing at a conference for cuatro players. Edgardo plays soprano. He’s been playing for a year. He is 15-years old.

It is not uncommon to see such young musicians in Puerto Rico. Music starts early here and runs deep. But, what is intriguing for me is how easily they wish to share their music – without hesitation. These young musicians stopped but to hang with assistant vice president for international programs Greg Badolato and I yesterday afternoon during lunch. They eagerly pulled out their instruments and wanted to play for us.

2012 Berklee in Puerto Rico Young Lions

Carlos and Edgardo play a duet at Berklee in Puerto Rico.

Programs like Berklee in Puerto Rico open the doors, sow the fields, pave the paths…you name it. Students have the opportunity to interact with their peers and also the wealth of knowledge and experience provided by the exceptional faculty members. They do this through a full week or lectures, master classes and ensembles. Carlos and Edgardo are new students to the program and we can already see the potential paths before them.

2012 CAC Concert Ruben Amador

Director of Conservatorio de Artes Del Caribe Ruben Amador kicks of the schools end of term concert.

There is a strong likelihood that they will develop into fine musicians and educators like Berklee alum and student in the first Berklee in Puerto Rico program in 1995 Ruben Amador (`04) . He is the founder, director and inspiration behind the Conservatorio de Artes Del Caribe (CAC). Ruben graciously invited Greg, Eguie Castrillo and I to attend the semester ending concert showing the excellent talent studying at the Conservatory. We were truly impressed by the range of experience and styles presented in the concert. His students rocked out on the tunes like the Chili Peppers “Scar Tissue”, interpreted beautiful jazz ballads like the Ella Fitzgerald version of “Black Coffee” and showcased their total musicianship chops with a short set of Police and Sting tunes to cap off the night.

CAC has a prime location in the heart of the music scene in old San Juan. The students’ commitment to their education and the development of the Conservatory is deep. As Ruben took us on a tour of the facilities he told us that, “the students tell me that if they could live here in the building, they would. They are so into the school that they are even helping with the renovation of the building.” A quick look around and you get the feeling of the old Berklee 1140 Boylston Street building — its character and sound and smell. The vibe is right for the work Ruben, his teacher and students are doing.

The Berklee in Puerto Rico program is also thankful for Ruben’s generosity. Based on the recommendations of Berklee faculty members teaching at the program, three students in our program will be selected to receive scholarships to attend CAC for one-semester starting this fall. Thus keeping them on the path.

Though Carlos and Edgardo are part of a whole new generation of young musicians.  There are many similarities that can be drawn between them and Ruben. Their basic instinct is to work on the music. They are not in it for the glory — just for the satisfaction of going a fine job. Only time will tell where it will lead them. If alums like Ruben are any indication, the music is in good hands.

2012 CAC Concert

Students at Conservatorio de Artes Del Caribe rock out on "Just Forget About It."

Time + Commitment + Fun = Berklee in Puerto Rico

By: Jason Camelio, Director of International Programs

2012 Berklee in Puerto Rico Check In

Student check into the 2012 Berklee in Puerto Rico Program

When you walk out of the airport in San Juan in late May, the heat hits you like a head-high wave and can knock you back a few steps. You get a similar feeling from the wave of positive energy coming off of the nearly 200 students streaming into registration for the Berklee in Puerto Rico program.

Thanks to the generous support and commitment of Berklee trustee and alum Luis Alvarez (`83), Puerto Rico Heineken Jazz Producer Joey Sala, Banco Popular, Escuela Belles Artes de Carolina and many other sponsors Berklee is conducting its 17th program in Puerto Rico. The week-long program brings together young musicians from across the island to work with an exceptional group of Berklee faculty members, including pianist Carolyn Wilkins, vocalist Darcel Wilson, trumpeter Ken Cervenka, percussionist Eguie Castrillo, guitarist Rick Peckham, trombonist Bob Pilkington, drummer Casey Scheuerell and bassist Oscar Stagnaro. The program is managed by saxophonist and assistant vice president for international programs Greg Badolato and the International Programs team.

2012 Berklee in Puerto Rico Opening Jam

Greg Badolato jams with students at the start of the program.

The goal of the program is to introduce the these young musicians to the Berklee classroom environment. During the week, students will take courses in harmony, improvisation and instrumental technique in the morning.  Then, they take part in ensembles and special lectures in the afternoon. Through the course of the week, students will work towards a final concert performance for family and friends. Students demonstrating exceptional musicianship during the program and in the few days of Berklee auditions and interviews being conducted during the program will be considered for scholarships to attend the 5 Week Summer Performance Program in Boston, Berklee Online courses and Berklee’s full-time undergraduate.

After 17-years of programs in Puerto Rico, we have come to see a steady stream of exceptional musicians enroll at Berklee, including saxophonist and composer Miguel Zenon, guitarist Roy Guzman, flutist Kalani Trinidad and saxophonist Edmar Colon. And that is just scratching the surface.  As a special treat for the students this year, some of the senior program participants open the program with a concert. The band, led by drummer and composer Leo Osuna also included bassist Alex Gasser and saxophonist Jonathan Suazo.

2012 Berklee in Puerto Rico Opening Concert

Leo Osuna (drummer, not pictured) leads his group in the opening concert.

The recipe for success of this program and other produced by International Programs is taking significant amount of commitment from alumni, sponsors, students and their families and the Berklee faculty, giving it lots of time to mature and take root in the community. Then, add a healthy dose of the primary ingredient — music; and you get an excellent program.

Over the course of this week, we will share photos and news about the program. Be sure to check back in with us!

Sing Your Song — In Spain!

The Office of International Programs and Summer Programs are excited to announce the faculty members for the 2012 Singer-Songwriter and Vocalist program to be conducted at our new campus in Valencia, Spain from July 3rd to 5th.  This will be the second year we hold this program which will cover stage performance techniques, song form and harmony, lyric writing and vocal technique.  Students will have the opportunity to work with world class Berklee faculty members associate professor of ensembles Nancy Morris, instructor of voice and ear training Darcel Wilson, singer/songwriter Livingston Taylor and Professor of Ensembles Ken Zambello.  Also, stay tuned for news about s special guest artist in residence for the program!

2012 Singer-Songwriter and Vocalist Faculty

2012 Singer-Songwriter and Vocalist Faculty

We encourage you to check out the complete details for this program and the 3 other new programs we will produce during the month of July as well.  The other programs include;

Berklee Groove School
Art of Improvisation: Blues and Jazz
Re:Tool – Music Technology in Performance and Production

We look forward to seeing you in Valencia!

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